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Some girl was freakin on me and I didn't push her away

Maybe I am really losing it due to recent events and circumstances, but heres’e the scoop…
I went to Bar last night (a club around here) and I was on the bar dancing and this girl who was way more attractive than me starts dancing with me but she was doing it in a way that she would with a guy if she wanted him. The truth is I actually had fun dancing with her and I thought she was pretty. I am not a lesbian by a long shot but is that weird that I actually liked dancing with a pretty girl?

Why do I get the feeling that this is a setup? Probably a man trying to get some guys to talk dirty to his alias.

Not weird. Very cool. Send pictures.

no it is not weird that you enjoyed dancing with a pretty woman. I and most of the guys on the forum enjoy dancing with pretty women. Only problem is… youre a woman too. Perhaps there is a bit too much testosterone in you now eh? maybe its time to get your hair done by a gay hairdresser and do a few weeks with the pink dumbells…

Perhaps your just bi-curious. Perhaps you should explore this side of your personality. Without a doubt you should report back to us as quickly and as detailed as possible once you have begun this exploration.

Magnus, you dirty sob. :wink:

Out of all the bars in the world that could be, would that happen to be Bar Victoria? There’s a club in town called that & they let the girls do the same thing. There’s also Mardi Gras nights complete with beads, etc.


  1. “way more attractive than me”. Is this something that can be backed up or just low self-esteem problems?

  2. Most people are not heterosexual or homosexual, there are many different points on the scale between 100 % hetero and 100 % homo. If you thought you were 100 % hetero until know, you just found out that maybe you are a bit to the right on the scale. Nothing to be afraid of.

First of all, are you the same person? Second, I agree with MooCow. Third, enough of the posts about ‘what makes a girl beautiful’ and ‘she’s better looking than me’ etc. If you want us to beg you to post a picture just come out and say so. Enough already.

yes it is the same person posting, i just shorten the name out of laziness. and once again, if you have an opinion, you might as well back it up with a NAME. otherwise it doesn’t really matter what you have to say because no one wants to listen to an opinion that doesn’t belong to someone. and for time number three, for the record: i don’t have a scanner, therefore i can’t post a pic. sheesh. i am regretting the fact that i posted this topic cuz it was a spur of the moment thing. let’s drop it.

Kodak will put pictures on disk for you when you get your film developed, for a small extra charge. Just quit with the ‘I’m just so ugly’. If you really feel that way, I am sorry for you… and it is good you are in the gym working. If not, and you are just looking for attention, enough already.

I agree with Sasa Aksentijevic on this one. There’s also the fact that most girls know full well how much guys like watching two women dance together. First of all they can probably both dance so they look hot, second he can enjoy watching the two women without worry about looking like a robot in need of oil. Relax, you’re normal.

Hey bionic, you had a good time, so why care? Btw there’s nothing weird about that - if you happen to watch sports (any kind of team sports) you will see men (or women) hugging, dancing, etc. all the time and nobody thinks that’s weird. As long as you don’t feel sexually attracted to that girl you can consider yourself straight as an arrow :-))

Leave Bionic alone. If you piss her off, she might steal your parking spot! :slight_smile:

Bionic: Thank you for posting this thread… it will
give me something to think about when I’m “being”
by myself… should make things a lot easier!!! :slight_smile:

thanks for the replies. avoids roids, you got that right! hahaha. and to nameless, you’re still a pussy. in your own words: “enough already”.

When you said you “enjoyed it” was it in a sexual way or possibly because of the interest it generated-most savvy women I know will hint at bisexuality knowing 99.9% of guys will find it totally hot. Thinking back, the hottest women I dated would talk about sexual encounters with other women (whether real or not) for my benefit-and God bless them for it! I think it is an effective strategy for attracting men-and an added bonus if you enjoyed it.

No you are not weird. I would like to see you dance with a pretty girl.

ratso…can’t…see…straight…Bionic bumpin’ and grindin’ with another woman…uhhnnn…