Some Former Fatty Advice?

Just got done with a cutting cycle … immdietly gained like 2-3 pounds over the week ( bad holiday eating ) … didnt lose all my definition but gained a tid bit of fat back in my lower abs … any advice how to keep the fat off , and start gaining muscle agian? … 5’8 165 pounds

please dont give me that ectomorph hard gainer crap plzz as all FFB’s know that the nutrition rules are different

You stopped cutting started eating and gained most likely three lbs of glycogen and water. Its expected. just keeop going if your goal is to build LBM try and gain a lb or two a week.

You mean you were cutting, you started eating shit again, and you put on weight?


You have to stop eating shit. If you eat shit, the fat will come back. Pretty simple.

Try bulking during the week and on the weekends eat 300-400 less calories to make sure you’re removing the fat.It’s a slower bulk,but I use it and easily gain muscle with no fat.Keep it up.