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Some First Cycle Questions...

Hey everyone. I am about to take the plunge into the world of AAS with my first real cycle (first one was oral only… I know, I know). I am 23, 5’8 @ 188lbs and am looking for overall size, but leaning out would be a nice side effect. Don’t worry, I will be eating for size, my goal is around 6000 kcals, but if I can manage to drop 1-2% BF that would be amazing.

My cycle looks like this so far:

Week 1-10 500mg Test E (shot as 250mg twice a week)
Week 1-4 40mg D-Bol ED (split into 2 doses)
Week 11-12 30mg Nolva ED

So basically I have 110 tabs D-Bol @10mg; 20ml of TestE @ 300mg/ml and 100 tabs Nolvadex @10mg.

I was wondering if this cycle looks okay as a basic starter? Also, would measuring out 250mg for one shot from 300mg/ml TestE be difficult?

I also have 90 tabs of OT @ 10mg and I was wondering if I could throw them in somehow? Could they be used as a stand alone cutting cycle maybe in the future? I don’t plan on purchasing anymore, so 90 tabs at 10mg is all I have and I don’t want to toss it.

Thanks in advance!!

I would suggest 40 mg of nolva for the first week and then 20 mg for two additional weeks. As for measuring the 250mg out its rather simple math at just over .8 mls.
See Ya

As for the OT, save it or sell it.

I am by no means an expert but I will share what I have learned from hours of reading message boards on the internet. That being said, these are my thoughts:

  1. You are starting your PCT entirely too early based on the amount of test that will be bangin’ around your system on week 11 and 12. Most suggest waiting at least two weeks after your last shot before starting PCT. I was pointed in the direction of a great PCT calculator, I will try and find it and post in this thread.

Otherwise, looks good. I am currently on cycle that looks very similar to yours and plan on running my PCT for a little longer, but the choice is up to you.

Here’s the calculator. it will give you an idea of when to start your pct. i agree with him in saying you’re starting your PCT early. standard is atleast 2 weeks, but use the calculator and see what you come up with. -BC


Since you’re a cowboys fan I can be of absolutely no help to you. Skins fans hate lousy cowboys fans…

But since I’m in a pleasant mood, your cycle looks good. You would probably want to wait two weeks after your last injection to start PCT.

I would run a week of 60 nolva ed, then two weeks of 40 ed, then one week of 20 ed. Perhaps even add a tribulis product of sorts to your PCT.

Thanks for all the advice everyone. Sorry to hear you are a skins fan!

So there would be no place for me to throw the t-bol in?

What else could I use 90 tabs for?

[quote]CowboysFan09 wrote:
Thanks for all the advice everyone. Sorry to hear you are a skins fan!

Not everyone can be a Redskins fan. You just aren’t ready yet…

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