Some Feedback Please

I have been into training for about 3 years now, I started out with pushups and situps and gradually evolved into something much greater. While I was in Highschool I did Kickboxing and had to keep a certain weight (130), for all that time I did strength training with minimal hypertrophy My routines were calisthenics, gymnastics, and some weight lifting. Now that I no longer do kickboxing I wanted to gain some serious mass I am 5’8 135 with 5-6 percent body fat. I do not want to just bodybuild and build useless mass however that is why I was so happy when I found this website.

I am doing the following routine and would like some feedback e.g is it good for mass building or am I just wasting my time oh and also I have limited resources because I train at home I have a pullup bar a barbell that is 200 lbs and some dumbells but thats about it.

Olympic lifts and abs I do 5x5, rest is 8x5

Romanian Deadlifts

My Nutrition is pretty good 3 years of kickboxing taught me how to eat healthy. I upped my calories and have an animal protein at every meal six meals a day and a sleep stack before bed. For Supplements I use a multi, Vit C, and whey for snack inbetween meals. This is a current picture of me after a workout. ( Iam not sure if itll actually show up though). Thanks in advance and I think that this site is awesome all you guys here are really doing something great.

On what Typhoon wrote:

That’s not bad but you are probably going to fry your CNS. Anytime you lift heavy (especially with deads) you tax your CNS, and anytime you sprint you tax your CNS. So as you can see from your plan, you will tax your CNS everday. Doesn’t give your CNS much time to recover.

Since your goal is to build muscle, not to build speed, I would suggest doing some light cardio instead of sprints. Keep it to 75% of your max speed and you will not tax your CNS any further.

You are doing the right exercises kiddo, but you probably need more days off. One day a week? Have 2-3 days off. Drop one of the ab-sprint sessions. You grow the most on your off days.

I am Romanian…: ) and can someone tell me wat romanian lifts r or deadlifts

OK thanks a lot guys I changed my sprints to once a week :slight_smile: Romanian Deadlifts is a deadlift with semi streight legs you mostly lift with your back it taxes your lower back and hamstrings.