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Some Feedback on My Split



I've been doing the Max Muscle Layers for several months (interspersed with Strength Layers to break up the phases). However, being at the end of a phase, I decided to try the Oly-lift complex layers you put out a few weeks ago. I must say that I am impressed with the results, at least in terms of increased muscle and a drop in fat.

My original split was PL Back Squat, dec tilt BP, SGHP, inc tilt BP, SGHP, and OHP. My complex work included, in order, The Bear, The Canadian Bear, Klokov Snatch, Canadian Bear, Snatch and Canadian Bear.

In assessing my program, however, I noticed some weaknesses. 1) I love to squat, and the split only squats once a cycle, 2) my explosion for the pulls is a little lacking, 3) my OHP is my weakest lift, by far. I decided to amend my split to the following, and would like some feedback:

AM (roughly 0645): Back Squat and OHP, rotating 5 sets of 3, 2, or 1 rep with 30 sec b/w (15 sec for OHP), weights ranging from 55% to 80% This is for technique, speed, and additional reps, plus it helps get the CNS firing

PM (starting between 2100 and 2130): Power Clean and Push Press, dec tilt BP, chains, SGHP (focusing on explosive pull) from hang, inc tilt BP, SGHP (hang), OHP w/ chains. My complex split is staying the same.

I get at least 2 days off per week, but unfortunately, those days are consecutive. I try to get the bare minimum of three lifts a week, but obviously, six would be better (that is one reason I included an AM session: to get something done on days I may not get a full lift in).

If there are any changes or recommendations, I'd love to hear them.