Some feedback on my Cycle.

Im pretty much a newbie at this. Ive only done one other cycle before this so I’d like some suggestions before I start this one.
Right now Im sittin on

300 mg Bottle of Deca
200 mg bottle of Test200 Depot(Tornel)
And for Post/During Cycle recovery I
have one box of 30, 50 mg Clomid but
Im working on gettin a couple more

Im also using Liver Detoxifiers

I’d like to know if anyone else has done a similar cycle and what dosages they used for how many weeks.


What’s the cycle here? Test + deca? What dosages? How long?

…and how big are your “bottles”. I’m guessing they’re 10ml vials. But that’s the problem here… no one wants to GUESS at anything when giving advice. Supply us with more info/details/stats…

…I “guess” that’s it for now.

if your bottles are 10ml then dont bother posting that. i will save you a flame. you will need to buy more of both. do some research and get a better idea of what your goals are then structure i cycle around that. post that info and we can help more. 3000mgs of deca and 2000mgs of test will do nothing but get you in trouble.