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Some Fat Loss Questions


so i am currently at 18% bodyfat and plan to get down to 10%.

i strength train 3 times a week, full body. should i do interval cardio 2 times a week? like tuesday and thursday if i strength train mon wed and fri? i am eating 500 cals under tdee, should i eat more when i do cardio or what?


When are you going to start training 5 days a week?


on monday.

did you mean strength training 5 times a week? if yes then not in any near future..


thats what I figured. why work as hard as you can when you can half ass it and post on the internet?

amirite guys?


what the hell are you talking about?? whats wrong with working out 3 times week???


I think you'll find bonez is just being a cock! You're better off strength training 5x a week is what he's trying to say; if I was you I'd leave out the 'interval cardio' and do some eccentric less legs stuff i.e. sled, drags, etc.


that actually sounds like a great idea, with all this snow i could put some heavy stuff on a sled and drag it as fast as i can. sounds like fun too.

thats what you need to do to burn most calories too : Get the entire body involved.


whats wrong with interval running by the way?