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Some Dudes Gymming it Up in the Congo



None of them are huge by bodybuilding standards, but they seems to have reasonably good physiques despite very limited resources. They're using stripped-down car parts as weights and probably can't afford to eat more than 2,500 calories a day.


how do you gauge progress? I benched a hub cap and a break pad per side more than last time. score.


i guess i should also say, all joking aside, that is fuckin bad ass. when people wanna train, they find a way to train. my hats off to the dedication.


Show this to the local teenagers who think they need the most cutting edge high tech machines or the latest Extreme-No-Pump-Tech-Fuel to get a good build.



that's really cool, I'm pretty sure that if many people saw them training on a comercial gym they'd say "but they're on the creatinez".


Looks like my gym :slight_smile:

Except in Winter here in the Highlands, I have to defrost the weights with the kettle (after a cup of tea of course...you know, being British)


Was that guys doing curls in the coat hanger?!

Seriously though, that cool and I second what stu said.


When I was in the military I was in africa for a while. We were training a group of Kenyan SF guys (or potential SF guys... kinda) and half of the group looked like those guys. Fairly muscular, super ripped and lean. We did several fitness/pt tests with them and they could all run like crazy. Most (if not all) had never touched a weight before in their lives.

I remember asking the most ripped up guy how many push ups he thought he could do for the screening test... he said "Maybe 20?" and thats about all he could do. (looked like he could bang out 70+ easy)

When we did the test all of their numbers were extremely low. They got much stronger by the end of our course but they were just genetic freaks. The looked awesome without training at all... just playing soccer on the weekends and running all the time cause they were Kenyan.

I bet most of the guys in that video looked like that (or VERY similar) before they lifted at that "gym".


seems like a fairly good place to train. You are outside and they seem to have functionnal equipment. I would rather train there than 80% of the gym I have been. What the fuck do some people think when they put goddamn open shower in the middle of the weight room.


Correct, same as those videos of people doing push ups on cars and pull ups in playgrounds

Not to take away from their work ethic, imagination or anything else, because i think its awesome.


genetics has a lot to do with it but if you're referring to the same playground workout video that I'm thinking of (and that have been posted on this site several times) I dont think they are in the same category. Somewhat similar but that guy was much bigger than these guys and a lot stronger. Definitely a genetic freak but with his size and strength level its not all genetics. Its obvious that he's putting in the work.


Was just talking in general really, mate of mine coached rugby in Fiji, said it was crazy, most of the guys there had never seen a weight room and were all bigger and leaner than a lot of what the average gym goe-ers spend god knows how much time and money striving for.

Not saying anyone isn't putting in work or anything else.



Anyone else wish they could carry this around and just pop it out next time they see the 400lb fat arse in line in Walmart, with their foodstamp/I can take your money card. Just makes me sick to see the work ethic, the drive, the shear will power, to push themselves when so many in my country would just as soon kill themselves via Big Mac! The contrast of cultures is astounding.


I do hate it when people blame genetics that much. Most of the guys I grew up around were like that and while they may not have had gym memberships, doing things like tons of pushups and situps at home was a normal occurrence and what most people did if for no other reason than it made you look like less of a mark. Looking weak in some neighborhoods is just asking to be jacked and while full blown "bodybuilding" may not be the goal, nearly everyone is trying to get some muscle on them.

Mad Titan has written as much as well. To blame the way he looks on genetics as if he doesn't train his ass off way more than most is just wrong.

Yes, we all know genetics help, but comparing the guys in that street training vid to guys who are just well built naturally is like pretending that someone with 20" arms didn't have to work for them.

My grandfather never saw the inside of a gym but at the age of 70 still had 17" arms with a huge vein running down them. The man didn't even own a car...but he worked hard and he looked like it.



Not saying you're wrong but I will say from my own experiences overseas I met huge dudes that couldn't do push-ups or pull-ups for shit. But you better believe they could chop wood, climb coconut trees, and husk coconuts with their bare hands.

We put emphasis on these "standard lifts" because we don't have to be out working in a plantation. But take a strongman and ask him to climb a coconut tree, get 6 coconuts off of it, come down and husk them with nothing but his body and you'd see the same thing. It doesn't mean one is genetically more talented as much as it means one has never once done that type of activity before.


Very true! It reminds me of guys I know working on building sites who are as strong as hell but perform poorly at 'some' conventional gym lifts. It is all down to sports/strength specificity.

But then you have rare freaks who are just strong period!


I totally understand what you guys are saying. My point was referring to guys that I personally worked with and trained for months. These guys looked awesome but were very weak (except for running)

They all got much stronger by the end of the course but for the guys I'm talking about THEY were genetically gifted. They were virtually "untrained" (no gym or pushups/pull ups at home) and had built upperbodies. I wish I had a picture of the one guy I'm mostly referring to. You would never believe his physique with the numbers he could put up lol.

Genetics aren't everything (obviously) but when you are built and ripped while having never trained and being not strong... That's genetics.

I'm not trying to have an argument here at all and I'm not sure if my post even makes sense now lol