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Some Douche Here Tried to Report Me

So here’s a funny one for you guys - apparently someone who saw my threads started calling endocrinology offices in Columbus and Cleveland Ohio and then the state medical board to complain about a bodybuilding endocrinologist giving out steroid advice in T Nation. Now I’m sure some people at some of these offices know who I am - and surprise - no one gives a shit. Talk about lame as hell tho haha. Enjoy the chuckles as I sure did.


We were just talking about this on PWI @twojarslave @EyeDentist

Yep. Buncha fuckers out there on the internet. You never see them in person though.

Glad you’re unscathed @physioLojik!

@twojarslave thanks man haha. Yea. Lame as hell.

Some people have no lives and must interfere in somebody elses. I just dont get it. What is wrong with people?? :expressionless:

I don’t even like calling doctors to make appointments for myself / family. Who the fuck calls a bunch of offices to throw someone under the bus?

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That is totally ridiculous. Who the hell goes around looking for people to rat on? I hope you aren’t put off by this. We would all hate to lose you.

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Na no way. I bet it was that asshat from the trt forum who pretended to be from UCLA med I believe.


It was probably Jason Blaha.


That’s real shit man. I’d like to personally thank you for helping out us guys here on the site. Its very hard to find help from a Dr who understands steroids and can offer advice to minimise harm.
Fuck you to the douche bag that made the report. If you don’t like steroids don’t do them. Let people make there own personal choices and respect that someone with the required knowledge is trying to help minimise harm.

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Only someone who is a real self righteous cunt goes to that much trouble.

I called because you never answered my question about fish oil.


@Beyond_Beyond awe man thank you. Truly. You’re awesome. I appreciate you.

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@anon10035199 damn it. Did I miss a question seriously?

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How much of shit life do you have to be living that you start calling random clinics within a geographic area that you believe a guy to be working in to harass the receptionist who answered the phone because a guy on the internet is giving people information about steroid use? Seriously. 13/10 the dude who did it is an incel living in a studio apartment with a minimum of three cats.

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Coincidence? I think not.

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That is ridiculous. Also terrifying. What was this persons end goal?

They wanted to ruin your life over some perceived slight on an internet forum. Honestly that is narcissistic/sociopathic behavior right there.

Their feelings are hurt so they are going to attempt to jeopardize your livelihood. Spent and sacrificed your youth in this pursuit. Maybe you have a family your taking care of too.

I had something a bit similar in a sense happen to me so I am intolerant to this sort of shit.

How did you find out they had made the calls?

@physioLojik missed mine too lol. It probably was that asshat from TRT. Some keyboard warrior really doesn’t like you.

@oglebee there aren’t a ton of endocrinology practices in those areas specifically. I know almost every doc in the field in Columbus Ohio so I was called by one and we had a good laugh about it. Yes my wife is also a doctor since you mentioned a family. Yea we were pretty damn shocked haha.

@getcutgetbutt shit man what did I miss??