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Some Direction for Strength

Hey Guys,

I am going to be getting back into a training cycle for a meet in late February. I haven’t been able to do too much lately, due to a bankart lesion in my right shoulder due to a steer wrestling mishap, and it really shows in my looks and weights I’m pushing now. I am 25, 6’1" and 215 with a bf% that is way too high right now.

My best meet lifts from early this year are for a raw 345, 500, 550. I’m quite a ways off from that right now. I have in the past done Westside and DeFranco’s stuff with quite a bit of success. I am just a little more limited in my equipment, no rev hyper or GHR.

Right now I’m just a little confused in how I want to attack things. Westside, DeFranco, 5/3/1, and have even been reading on some Sheiko. I’m looking for something for three days a week lifting being that I will be practicing 3-4 days a week in the arena as well.

I just want to find something that will help me get as strong as I can at whatever bodyweight (probably 220s) I can and also help me perform in the rodeo arena.

I know this is long, but I really appreciate all of your opinions. Have some really smart guys on here and it shows.

PS How should I incorporate prowler pushes for conditioning and feeder/extra workouts in the morning?

you mean, rodeo as in riding bulls, and steer wrestling as in wrestling steers? That’s awesome! I’ve never done that, but between you and me if you spend a bit of time trying to push cows around i’d say the prowler work is unnecessary, keeping in mind i have no idea how demanding physically a rodeo is (i’m assuming very). If you think you feel up to it wouldn’t hurt though.

I don’t have a rev hyper or GHR but i do natural GHRs by getting a broomstick and hooking my feet under the knee pad of a lat pulldown or dip machine and putting my knees on the padded seat, try and do the negative yourself but assist yourself up with your hands on the broomstick as necessary. I’ve never used a reverse hyper but we have a 45degree ‘back extension’ which i think works fairly well if you really concentrate on feeling the stretch. I believe there was a ‘poor man’s equipment’ thread which had the plans for a GHR and a rev. hyper if you’re a bit of a handyman.

Good luck with your training, i can’t comment on too many routines, i am a huge fan of the light day (DE and RE) and heavy day (maxing out over a few sets) which i used to call westside style until i realised how badly i butchered it the first time. I’m looking forward to starting sheiko next, there are a lot of people who have had success with that on here who would be happy to answer questions. good luck!