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Some Diet Help Please

Ive just finished carb cycling and i kept pretty lean, also added some muscle, just wanted to thank everyone for their input and help so far.

My question is I want to add some more muscle mass, so basically that means I will have to eat more carbs which I will keep clean. When should I add my carbs, I work all day at an office job, so its pretty low activity and workout after work around 6 so my dinner is for 8pm. Where Ive been having my starchy carbs…

By trying to add more muscle should I eat more carbs during my breakfast, have some at lunch? Any suggestions.My protien will stay at around 400g a day iam 210lbs at the moment…

Do you guys think eating an hour post workout at 8pm is too late for carbs? After my workout I drink around 50 grams of whey protein and 30 grams of carbs (1 gatorade scoop).  

Again thanks you for youre help!

Hey, there, BP. Congrats on your results thus far!!!

If you’ve just finished dieting, you should not start bulking right away. Spend some time at maintenance calories. It’s something you’ll have to figure out and get a handle on … the numbers, that is.

Since you’re not dieting and not carb cycling, focus on eating 6 meals a day, protein every meal. Eat more veggies, fruit and beans. Optimize PWO nutrition with some starchy carbs. And just hold tight at your current weight for a month or so. Your bulk will be all the more effective if you do! (grin)

But in answer to your question, carbs are most/more efficiently utilized earlier in the day and following your workout. The biggest difference between bulking and cutting is that you may need to consume starchier carbs when bulking. Typically, a person consumes more fibrous green veggies, fruit and beans when cutting.

And no, a PWO meal with starchy carbs after 8:00 isn’t too late. The fact that you did resistance training changes your body’s insulin sensitivity (a good thing!) Take full advantage of the opportunity! (grin)