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Some Cycle Help


Ok,guys,If you could tell me the best way you would use this for mostly weight..
5'8 200lbs,need to drop like 35 lbs..

300mg test enan a week IS NOT CHANGEABLE so looking for the best way to add in these

I train at like 4:30 am and 5pm...I know what to eat,but need a junp start seeing im under contract,so,any info on using these,from those who have would be great,I have used both in the past,but noy var..thanks guys...


I literally just read this on another board and the answer still remains the same


Uping your TRT and/or adding anavar won't help you drop 35 pounds


yeah how stupid of me..no shit eat clean.and noo why would T3 & clen help?..lol how silly of me..


add some meth, then starve yourself and stay awake for days at a time, you will lose weight.

Seriously though, the clen, t3, may help... also look into mast, a training partner of mine has used it recently to drop about 25lbs in about 8 weeks.


thanks my man,I will be losing about 35-40 lbs in 10 weeks,can I do it with no help 100% yes,but unlike genius up there some things will 'help' never said im gonna take stuff and eat take out all day..