Some Cycle Advise Please

Howzit Guys

First time psting one of my cycle… this would be my 5th cycle
Training for 3 years, 2 top 10 physique placements in south africa
Diet and training in check
200lbs 11% bf 23 Years old 183cm Tall
3050 cal a day 40/40/20 ratio
clean eater everyday

my cycle plan
week 1-14 test prop 100mg/eod
week 1-12 equipoise 250mg/mon + thurs
week 1-4 turanabol 40mg/ed
week 7-12 winstrol inj 50mg/eod
week 4-14 arimidex 0.5mg/eod
(7 days break after last shot)
pct plan
week 1-4 nolva 40mg/ed clomid 100mg/ed
week 4-6 nolva 20mg/ed clomid 50mg/ed
(week 6 is only nolva)

please just sme feedback