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Some Calorie Help

Help me cram say…2000calories everyday into a lunch cooler/box (with ice pack) that will curb me for 8 hours. (lifeguarding)

sorry if this sounds a little forward. Much respect to the t-nationers. It’ll be interesting to see how many ways this can be done.

waterjug of protien powder already mixed with milk and ice. Just remember to wash it everynight when you get home.

1 kg bag of walnuts will get you close to 7,000 cal.

[quote]helga wrote:
1 kg bag of walnuts will get you close to 7,000 cal.[/quote]

I like almonds, pecans and cashews too.

Make sure you get the unsalted variety otherwise you’ll be thirsten big time.

If you want other foods, I typically bring some of the following with me to work every day:

32oz protein drink… 60g vanilla protein + 3 cups of frozen berries maybe creatine, some water ~480-500 kcals.

lettuce wraps. slice of turkey, slice of cheese, and a dab of hummus, all wrapped in lettuce. x3… ~ 600 kcals

60g vanilla protein + handful of almonds + handful of pecans + water and ice. my guess on this is around 500-700 kcals (I have no clue, and it sort’ve depends on hand size).

Beef Jerkey, nuff said.

pepperoni. not that crappy cocktail pepperoni, but the big sticks of it. A couple good size chunks of this will set you up with about 400+ kcals.

MD bars, they’re pretty tasty and each is good for about 200-220 kcals

50g chocolate protein + two big ass tablespoons of peanut butter + cup of cottage cheese (do yourself a favor and limit it to a cup, otherwise it can taste gnarly). Get some ice in there. ~ 600 kcals.

60g protein + 3 cups of frozen mixed fruit from costco and some water maybe a banana too. not a bad 400-475.9125kcals, and it’s really damn tasty.

hope that gives ya some ideas.

Thanks a lot guys but I’m not as big on protein supplements as I would like. PWO only so far.

Here is what I fit in my lunch cooler for today:
14 oz of cooked chicken
cooked whole wheat noodles w/ spaghetti sauce
1 pound green beans
2 servings cottage cheese
2 servings peanut butter
4 fish oil caps
6 hard boiled egg whites and 1 whole egg
That came out to 2043 cals with 216 grams protein, 130.5 carbs, and 73 fat. If was a tight fit but everything was crammed into my cooler w/ an ice pack to keep it cold.

thanks a lot purdiver! Long time no see.