Some Back Training Advice

I hurt my lowerback last week, so I’m pretty much screwed for back and leg training. Any ideas of a decent back workout without deads, cleans, bentover rows etc?

Unfortuantely my gym doesnt have a chest supported row and I also feel very unsteady doing one arm rows at the moment.

Pretty much all I can come up with is 5x5 Weighted Pull ups, then maybe shooting for 40 chin ups in as many sets as needed.

I was following a 5x5 routine with my goals being strength and mass,but for the moment thats kinda been put on hold.

You can do rows on an incline bench, and it’s really a pretty decent exercise. Pullovers, rear delt/trap raises, shrugs etc.

I know it sucks not to do the big movements, but there’s still plenty you can do.

Good luck!

I have the same injury and have been recouping for 6 weeks now. Here’s what I did

Week 1-3 Back / Tris 5x5s

Medium Grip Pullups superset with Dips
Medium Grip Seated Cable Rows to sternum superset Close Grip Bench Press

Week 4-6 Back / Tris

Neutral Grip Pullups superset with Elbowfuckers
Dips superset with Seated Cable Rows to the neck.

As for legs, On my leg days I eliminated Deads and Squats in weeks 1-3, and introduced Front squats and Goodmornings in Weeks 4-6. This is a great time to work on lagging parts like Calves, forearms, etc. I was really down when I got hurt, and looking back I’m almost gald I did. My lats have grown quite a bit, and I’ve put in some quality time on my seriously lagging calves. So there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Another suggestion is get chiropractic and ART work done if you can. After a few weeks of this, introduce massage therapy as well. I’m lucky to get the benefit of having all three for free, but I understand that’s not a possiblity for everyone, so do what you can within your budget.

Good luck and hope you have a speedy recovery.

seated pulley rows…

good luck with your injury. chins for back. Various types. For legs, can you do body weight squats so that you haven’t any forward lean at all? hold onto a bar or door knob or whatever? one legged squats? you will find what you can do. enjoy the tightrope of over caution and foolish bravery. good luck

Hey man,

Sorry to hear the bad news. Here are a couple more ideas to add to the many good ones already listed.

NOTE: I don’t usually prescribe cable work except after injuries.

-Wide/Close grip Pulldowns (I know they’re not chins, but you’ll get a different stimulus than you’re used to)
-Single arm cable rows
-Cable pullovers
-Lower trap raises

-Can you leg press? (maybe go lighter and use a 442 tempo)

I also agree with the above that this may be a perfect time to focus on lagging groups. I destroyed my shoulder a couple years ago and my legs grew like weeds.

hmm, so what happened. I know you’re looking for way’s to keep your training going - but lets also look at the injury itself. Fill me in what happened and where the injury stands right now. Let’s make sure you’re able to get you back on track.

In faith,

Coach Davies

Thanks for all the advice people.

I think I’m going to drop leg training completely, for the next couple of weeks at least.

I dont normally do any direct arm work so I’ll give that whirl I think.

Heres what I’m gonna do.

Workout 1

Bench Press 5x5
Weighted Dips 3x5
CTs Shoulder Box 2 sets
(No overhead work as I’m rehabing a shoulder too!)
Workout 2

Weighted Pull ups 5x5
Single arm cable rows 3x10 (dont think i could maintain form with a big load)
Rear Delt Raises 3x10

Workout 3

Preacher Curls 2x10
Tate Press 2x10
Seated Zotterman Curls 2x10
Skullcrushers 2x10
Seated Calfs 4x10+

Coach D, thanks for getting into this thread. I basically did something while doing powercleans. I was going for my max. I’m told my form was good.

It wasnt until I was changing to leave the gym that I noticed something while I was putting on my shoes. Its pretty much just a bit of muscle soreness and tightness now.

I saw my chiropractor 2 days after the incident, I had I tihnk she L5 out of place, she snapped it back in. I’m gonna give it a couple of weeks, do my stretches as usual, then if i feel ready start with reverse hypers and see how it goes from there.