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Some Advise for a Newbie


i just ran my first test 3. going every 4 days with that for 30 ml total for 15 weeks or so. i got myself the crazy fast metabolism. my bodies ideal weight is 160 and its finally come to test. looking to hit 200 someday. any advise from the masses what my new life with needles is going to be like.


I hate you too


Look what you've done! Now Yogi's filled with hate!

You had better not make Reed sad.


Mother fucker are you a female or 5 foot even. Because if not your god dam body weight is not peaked at 160 you are just a weak willed pussy.


wow good advise. im 6'4" 175 # benchin 240, strait bar curl 120 oh yeah and up to eight one handed pullups. thanks for teachin me what this website is for. 4200 posts i see, looks like u dont have time for either a gym, a job or a girl. oh yeah speaking of girls you do know they are outside right. and speaking of pussy i gotta go



I'd love to see these 8 one handed pull ups. Hell, I don't even believe the bench number!

Doubt we'll see any evidence of either, but oh well.


Lmao I don't believe any of those numbers and 170 at 6'4" makes it even worse. Lol 6'4" 170 and you are at you genetic limit hahahahahahah lmao. Oh and just for the math purposes 4200 over a 6 year span is less than 2 posts a day so yeah I'm really racking up the time here. I'll be sure to let my girl friend know I'm sorry for how much time I spend on here and I'm sorry my 500 for 10 squat from Saturday was not up to your standards of gym time.


ok well its come to this, first 57 months isnt 6 years Kaczynski. and thats just under 5 a day. and wow u have a girlfried, congrats on that. my purpose in here was to get some feedback on a cycle for a program that is actually going on. im sure its hard to believe that guys that can lift 120% to 150% of their bw. ask your gf for some cash buy a bus ticket to pittsburgh. get on a 51c bus head to fitness 19 ask brian at the desk your there to see bruce do a few 2 finger pushups and he'll point me out for you. dont forget your recording device so i can be on your 5000th post.


this is what a back looks like of someone who weights 170 and can lift pound for pound more than you. ill take another for you after my 15 week cycle is over.


oh yea and im 40 with 3 kids and two jobs. anything else from the professional power lifters im dealing with. all i wanted was alittle input. although this was alittle fun



this anorexic kid's pretty funny




Lift 120% to 150% percent of bodyweight...

He's proud of that like it's some sort of major achievement...

Some amazing achievement

Oh god and the amazing back....



Pound for pound... HAHAHAHAHA

Holy fucking shit... 120% to 150% of bodyweight...

This one deserves the Darwin Award man...

Oh shit I can stop laughing.. HAHAHAHAHA



...... Hard to believe guys can lift 120% of there body weight????? Lol my best squat is 600 at 220 that's 270% there. Best Deadlifts is the same and my bench is pathetic and it is still 150%. Which is funny because your Bench is only 137% of your body weight which means that pound for pound and straight up total I pretty much win. Next that is not a 1 handed pull up. Next I could give two fucks about your thumb push up.... Obviously your a troll I'll give you a pretty funny on though... In a pretty pathetic kinda way.


na guys, this dude's legit! Look at the sweet bicep development in his picture!


Check out that back!!!


does anyone else find it funny that it's always the cocky dumb fucking idiots that THINK they look good but in reality they look like toothpicks.


Oh yeah and the Bruce Lee functional, pound for pound strength nonsesnse always comes up too.

See the big guy beside Bruce Lee in the pic above. Most people don't know this fucker from 1960s communist China evaded armed guards and police attack dogs and swam 5 miles to Hong Kong to take part in a BODYBUILDING COMPETITION. Now that's fucking functional lol.


When I first started training I was 130lbs at 5' 11". I was doing 500 crunches a day and thought I had the most awesome physique ever!

Now I'm like 80lbs heavier I couldn't possibly be more critical.

Funny that, eh?