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Some advice please


I was just wondering what people here felt about squats, all the way to the floor, or half, which is better? Also I need advice on what I can do, I have retroverted hips (my feet stick out and I walk like a duck), it doesn't hurt just looks funny. Anyway since my feet stick out this way I can't go all the way down on a squat I just wondered what I could do though, should I keep doing halves or is there a way for me to go all the way down?


Try going to parallel without a loaded bar...work on your form (shifting your stance and hips/butt) until you can do it comfortably. If that fails, then go see a specialist...they may be able to give you exercises to help improve your range of motion enough to do the squat.

If all else fails, get on the leg press machine, then finish with real squats as far down as you can go without losing balance/control. Something is better than nothing...you can also throw in dumbell lunges, if your bio-mechanics can handle it!

Search the site...there are plenty of exercises to choose from if you can't get a full squat in your routine.


Try using box squats off a parallel box. Check out Dave Tate's Box squatting article here at t-mag for more information.


Thank you both for your replies I shall take both of your advices


My squat stance has my feet angled out and I squat below parallel with any problems. You may not have the range of motion in your posterior chain to drop down below parallel. Your hip flexors, glutes, hams etc. and to some extent your quads may be tight and not have the flexibilitty to allow you to drop down as far as you wish.

Throw some 45's, 35's or 25's on the bar, depending on your strength level, and do squats. Hold the bottom position for 5-10 seconds. Do 5-10 reps of this with each time trying to go down further and further. You may surprise yourself and be able to drop to where you wish immediately and the problem may be that your strength level is not that strong in the bottom part of the lift hence your body goes into protection mode and tells you thats as far as you can go!


Is your foot position a genetic disorder? If not its most likely a length tension isssue. If length-tension is the problem look into correcting this and it should help your squat.


Definitely statically (hold for 20-30 seconds) stretch your hip flexors and calves before doing squats.. I would also recommend dynamically (hold for 2-5 seconds) stretching your IT band, hammies, and quads.. Remember, if you statically stretch an agonist muscle prior to lifting you can weaken it drastically.

I also agree with an isometric hold on squats, that will give you a gauge as to where your weakness is at. More often than not, people with weak squats have either a lower body distortion, weak glutes, or weak hamstrings.. Hope this helps! Good luck!