some advice please

I posted this message before and there was some confusion so I am posting it again and hopefully this time someone can offer my some advice. I need some help with the last two weeks of my regimen and I figured I would ask my fellow T-mag readers for advice. My goal was to get to 6-7% body fat on April 22th. I have been doing Outlaw Strength and Conditioning for 5 1/2 week and I have gone from 13% to 9% body fat. I have another week and half left on the program(OSC kicks ass) then I will have two weeks left to reach my goal. I know I should have managed my time better, but two weeks is all I am left with. I wanted to improve density, but continue to drop some fat as well. I was thinking about Meltdown III or Ripped, Dense, and Rugged. I was wondering what kind of preparations others have used in there final two weeks. I know a dramatic change in body fat can be accomplished in two weeks so any advice would be great. I would to finish off with a bang in the last two weeks of my journey.

Glad to hear your positive feedback about my OSC program. Finish the last portion of the program, then switch to 5 x 5 training each body part twice each week with compound exercises. For example:
Day 1 - Upper (vertical plane)
Day 2 - Lower (Hip dominant)
Day 3 - Cardio
Day 4 - Upper (horizontal plane)
Day 5 - Cardio
Day 6 - Lower (Quad dominant)
Day 7 - Cardio

Follow this breakdown for the last 2 weeks and cut carbs out of all meals except for post-workout and breakfast which should consist of a 2:1 carb/protein ratio. On your cardio days, perform 45-60 minutes of low-medium intensity work.
This should get you ripped up for the last 2 weeks.