Some advice please!

Hello everyone, (sorry if this is long)

This is my first time posting. I was told about this site by one of my good friends (Great site by the way :P) I have a few questions that I’d like some advice on. But first let me introduce myself. I’m Kevin, 25y/o living in Canada, and have been working out for about 3 years, but about a 1 1/2 years ago really getting into working out properly. I recently made it to the finals to be featured in our 2005 Firefighter burn fund calendar.

Well I want to be in the best shape possible. I’m eating right and training hard. I’m 5’ll, about 178lbs and my scale says 14% bodyfat (not sure if its accurate) On my off days I’ll to cardio on an empty stomach to burn off fat, and when I’m weight training I document my workouts to see if I’ve improved over the weeks. I’m eating 6 times aday. About 280g of protien, 40g of fat, 180ish g of carbs and about 2100ish calories. I’m taking my vitamins, omega3,6,9’s, L-glutamine,ZMA,protien shakes and just started a cycle of MAG-10(liquid form)and will use Tribex-500 after the 2 week cycle.

The photo shoot won’t be till May or June sometime. Am I on the right track?? Is there anything I can improve on?? Here is my work out program:
Monday Chest:
Bench press: 2x12-1x8-1x6-1x4-1x10-15
Incline Dumbell press:1x12-2x8-
Triple drop sets 1x6 - 1x6 - 1x6
Incline Dumbell flies: 1x12-1x8-1x6-1x10-15
Decline press: 1x12-1x8-1x6-1x10-15

Tuesday Cardio:
2 mile run, abs, stair climbing

Wednesday Back&Biceps:
Lat Pulldowns: 1x12-1x8-1x6-1x10-15
Close Grip Chins: 1x12-1x8-1x6-1x10-15
Bent over rows: 1x12-1x8-1x6-1x10-15
Barbell curls: 1x12-1x8-1x6-1x10-15
Dumbell curls: 1x12
Triple drops: 1x6-1x6-1x6
Preacher Curls: 1x12-1x8-1x6-1x10-15

Thursday Shoulders&Triceps:
Dumbell press: 1x12-2x8
Triple drop: 1x6-1x6-1x6
Side raises: 1x12-1x8-1x12
Front raises: 1x12-1x8-1x12
Barbell Row: 1x12-1x8-1x12
Shoulder shrugs: 1x12-1x8-1x12
Skull crushiers: 1x12-1x8-1x6-1x10-15
Tricep pushdowns: 1x12-1x8-1x6-1x10-15
Close grip bench: 1x12-1x8-1x12

Friday Cardio (same as above)
Saturday Legs:
squats: 2x12-1x8-1x6-1x4-1x10-15
Deadlifts: 1x12-1x8-1x8-1x10-15
Lunges: 1x12-1x8-1x8-1x10-15
Calve raises: 4x10-15

Thanx for your patients. Any info would be greatly appreciated!


Seems like a lot of volume for someone who is dieting. How do you feel after the workouts? Are you spent?

I’ve never been a fan of cardio on an empty stomach as there is much more of a tendency to use protein as fuel. This will slow down your metabolism. I normally do about 20 minutes of cardio after the lighter workout days. So I might do my cardio at the same workout I do biceps, rotator cuffs and prone cobras (doing bi’s first). Working the postural muscles normally requires higher reps. So my thinking is that it is better to do aerobics on that day rather than a day where I’m doings squats, deadlifts and goodmornings as those days I train with lower reps and I dont want the steriod response of aerobics immediately after.

loopfit: I feel great after a work out! Any other advice? Thanx for replying


Get a premade workout. Superstrength, perhaps, or great guns if you’re doin a photoshoot.

FireMedic, if your goals are to put on a little more muscle and drop a little fat, I would recommend that you take in 2g of protein per pound of LBM and 2g of carbs per pound of LBM. Try to keep fat as low as possible when you’re on Mag-10.

Since it’s probably going to be a lot of food for you, I’d recommend that you choose carbs from the starchy-carb category. It would be hard to meet those carb requirements with green veggie carbs. However, on your off weeks, your recovery weeks, be sure to switch back to green veggie carb sources, about 1g x LBM, and drop back to 1.5g of protein per pound of LBM and your normal carb intake.

Since you are trying to put on muscle while dropping BF, I would recommend that you limit cardio to 3 times per week and make sure you’re doing what is called HIIT, High Intensity Interval Training, which is a pretty anabolic version of cardio.

Also and finally, be sure to optimize PWO nutrition with something like Surge. Read John Berardi’s article, “Solving the Post Workout Puzzle,” I & II.

Good luck to you!!!