Some Advice Needed, on Anti-Estrogens

hello, Ive looking to do my first cycle and already have the steroid side of things covered. I am currently looking for the PCT side of things. I have researched many sites and have found one that is selling arimidex and clomid at a reasonable price. A simple yes its good or no it isn’t will suffice :slight_smile:

What does your planned cycle cycle consist of? Stats, goals, etc.? You will likely be running the arimidex (good stuff) during the cycle and the clomid after. Many prefer tamoxifen or toremefine over clomid for PCT but clomid will certainly suffice.

In other words yes those are good products just make sure to order enough.

how about stating what compounds and length of time you will be running them. there isnt one cut and dried pct for every cycle.

Arimidex during a cycle containing aromatisable compounds is fine.

Clomid after a suppressive Androstan based cycle is OK.

This is the cycle I will be working to. Are the doses of arimidex and clomid adequate?

Week /Sustanon 250 /Winstrol /Arimidex

1/ 500 mgs / 50mgs EOD/ 0.5mg/day
2/ 500 mgs / 50mgs EOD/ 0.5mg/day
3/ 500 mgs / 50mgs EOD/ 0.5mg/day
4/ 500 mgs / 50mgs EOD/ 0.5mg/day
5/ 500 mgs / 0.25 / day
6/ 500 mgs / 0.25 / day
7/ 500 mgs / 0.25 / day
8/ 500 mgs / 0.25 / day
9/ 500 mgs / 0.25 / day
10/ 500 mgs / 0.25 / day
11/ 500 mgs / 0.25 / day
12/ 500 mgs / 0.25 / day


		                  /Arimidex	  /Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate)

14/ 50 mgs day/ 200 mgs / day
15/ 50mgs day/ 100 mgs/ day
16/ 50 mgs EOD/ 50 mgs / day
17/ 50 mgs EOD/ 25 mgs / day
18/ 25 mgs day/

Do you mean:

Wk1-12 Sust 500mg
Wk1-4 Winstrol 25mg
Wk1-4 Adex 0.5mg
Wk5-12 Adex 0.25mg

Wk14 200mg Clomid
Wk15 100mg Clomid
Wk16 50mg Clomid
Wk17 25mg Clomid
Wk18 what?

AQnyway - it is a bit shit really isn’t it?

j/k :confused:

First - Winstrol is fucking useless at 25mg a day… i would only consider using 50mg a day as a MINIMUM, but preferably 100mg/day personally.
Second, Winstrol doesn’t aromatize, so why the A-dex is higher during that portion of the cycle is beyond me.
Third, you would do very well running the cycle for 10 weeks - IME those last two weeks are good for very little - there are often little results in that period, but recovery is noticeably easier after 10 weeks compared to 12+ - or even frontload the Test (~750mg day1, 250mg day4, then 250mg 2x/wk there after) that way you don’t have to wait 6 weeks to build the levels and can run a successful cycle in less time - say 6-8 weeks would be great IME.

As for the PCT - i am not sure if you made some typo’s but you were dosing the Arimidex at a dose around 8000% of what it should be ON cycle… so maybe that needs looking at, i don’t know… :wink:
In fact, you can drop the A-dex during the PCT if you have Clomid, just run that at 100mg/50mg/50mg each for 10 days.

Back to the all but useless Stanazolol - if you are including it to help you ‘cut’ don’t waste your money. It is effective as a ‘cutting’ drug because it can aid anabolism while adding no water, having mild progesterone and aromatase affinity possibly helping to further reduce water, and can help lead to a hard and defined physique IF one diets down to single digits - it itself will not assist this any more than any other highly androgenic compound.

It is my opinion that for cutting there are better drugs, and for strength there are better drugs - so… that leaves little.
I believe it has genuine use during a competition cycle, for that hard look that is sought, but i have no experience of it as such.


Wk1-12 Sust 500mg
Wk1-4 Winstrol 50mg/day
Wk1-4 Adex 0.5mg
Wk5-12 Adex 0.25mg

Wk14 200mg Clomid/ day
Wk15 100mg Clomid/ day
Wk16 50mg Clomid/ day
Wk17 25mg Clomid/ day
Wk18 25mg Clomid/day

Sorry my first one wasn’t very clear at all, and this is my first cycle so I had gathered it wouldn’t be perfect. It seems i have made some school boy errors eh :confused: How much adex would you suggest on cycle?

Don’t know - it depends on you.

I would use around 0.5mg ED throughout the cycle. There is no need for more during the first 4 weeks.

The cycle isnt too bad mate - no sweat.