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Some Advice for Police Academy Training?


How much have you lost?


If the scale isn’t moving, you’re not in a caloric deficit. You’re just not burning less calories than you’re taking in, period. I don’t know what your diet is like, but your exercise schedule means next to nothing if you’re eating too much. If you’re at some certain caloric intake that you’ve calculated to be a deficit, it doesn’t matter. Your body adjusts to intakes. If you can do IF and eat healthy, you’re halfway there - now you have to eat less.

Scale going up: Caloric surplus
Scale going down: Caloric deficit
Scale not moving: Maintenance

You’re at maintenance.

I would suggest you make a training log in the training logs subforum - you can record exactly what you eat, your workouts, and your weight each morning. If you’re not comfortable with that I understand, but it’s a really useful tool and people will pop in to give you advice and bounce new ideas off of you.


What do you eat on a daily basis that allows you to be 275lb at 5ft 7?


Lots of years of complete disregard for fitness that didn’t involve bench pressing and overhead pressing.

I had a bit of a cup cake and ice cream problem.


Scales moving. I’m losing about 2-3 pounds a week and overall fitness is improving.

I’m only eating around 2200 calories on average sometimes less if I screw up and miss a meal.

If I ate much less I don’t think I’d have the energy to keep up with my training schedule.


This ^ does not line up with

You’re not on a crash diet, and if you are, you shouldn’t be. If you had said you were losing 2-3 lbs a week then I’d have said wonderful, keep it up. If you drop weight at a drastic rate, you’ll gain it back just as fast. You’re making perfect progress as it is, keep up the good work.


As much as I “HOPED”

Not what I know was realistically possible :stuck_out_tongue:


8 weeks out and just got shin splints… fml.

Guess ill have to give running a rest for a few weeks.


Train calves and anterior tibialis muscles (front of shin). Assess your feet and see if you need orthotics to put your joints in the right places. I have flat feet and it causes my ankles and knees to cave in. It’s a chain reaction from there. I have a great running shoe (Brroks Beast) that is designed for my feet. Make sure your shoes are good for you.

If your feet are collapsing then it pulls on your shin and could result in shin splints.


my left knee has a tendency to move inward on occasion.

I just bought a new pair of Brooks running shoes that FEEL very comfortable.

My running form is so shit and I’ve been trying to correct it.

I feel like I should have waited an extra year before joining the academy just to get in better shape instead of rushing into it but I could just be over thinking it and doubting myself.

It’s been a pretty mentally exhausting last couple weeks with the holidays and all etc. I know this is nothing compared to what I’ll get when I’m on the job so I need to suck it up and be a man about it, I’m just feeling a little defeated.

BJJ was nice last night got to smash some other white belts and work on submissions so that was a fun change of pace.

should I be training these muscles NOW while I’m recovering from shin splints?


I don’t think it’s going to hurt to train your lower legs. It might show you an imbalance or weakness. I think the number one cause of shin splints is shoes and technique (and it usually starts with shoes).

Use the elliptical to train in the meantime.

I think we already discussed getting to know the Academy PT. Train for that. You don’t have to train for some arbitrary standard. I hate running (been discussing it in my log lately). I hate every step of distance running, but I was able to get it done because I convinced myself that I didn’t have a choice. If I stopped running then I’d fail the academy. That wasn’t going to happen.

Luckily, our running pace at the academy was determined by the slowest guys. We put them at the front of our two lines and that usually put us at a 10 min/mile pace.

Now that my academy days are over I just train to be fit, healthy, and ready for the job. Lucky for me, the bad things in this job are usually super high intensity and shorter in duration. That’s the way I prefer to train so think I’m ready.


Yes I agree. In terms of my post academy my life I plan on spending most of doing BJJ centric workouts with some big lifts thrown in. I despise running and I’m only doing it because of how god awful I am at it. I’m convinced I’m going to run like the fattest slowest piece of shit at the academy but I’m also convinced I’ll be good at literally everything else we do.

The mind is a funny thing and I’ve been trying to train that as best I can.


You still have several weeks.
I think you should take 2 full days off a week from physical training.
Do some reverse calf raises.
Like I said earlier… injury prevention… Stay healthy.
----> Your goal should be to pass the academy, not be the fastest. Get the academy over with and you’ll have the next 30 years to train harder.
You’ll see, there will be guys who didn’t prepare at all and a few old guys that won’t be that fast.


Would you mind posting an example of the reverse calf raise that you think I should? I found a few videos but google is meh at best sometimes.


Something like this:

Really: Step back and look at your goal. Pass the academy. You should take 2-3 days off before the academy.
I guarantee the first week or two you will be doing a ton of pushups, situps, and jogging. Maybe your last week or two, do only bodyweight exercises to get ready.


Yea I’m leaving my current job a week before the academy to adjust to the sleep schedule and just kind of mellow out and get my mind right.


I also recommend reverse calves (toe raises) to help with shin splints. I do them seated, one leg at a time with a plate under my heel and a small dumbbell resting over my toes. Normally 3x15-20.

Also ice your shins after a run. I rub the ice up and down either side of my shin bone, trying to break up the scar tissue.

Shin splints ultimately need rest though from my experience. They should come back stronger than ever after they heal up.


I have to ask.
What is your status?


bodyweight is down to 265 and 3 weeks out. hoping to shave another 10 but its ambitious.

Had some complications with my rotator cuff, shin splints and now some unknown illness making me cough lol.

My fitness is “good” and getting better and im close to being “injury free”


I’m a big fella too at 6’00" 270. Dropping 10lbs in 3 weeks is certainly do-able for guys our size, but I’d advise against trying to “cram” for that goal above all else. You’re going to be going into the Academy with more or less the body and capabilities you have right now. Make sure you’re feeling your best.

You could shed a few pounds over the next two weeks easily by making sure you’re not eating crap or drinking any calories, doing some simple lifting or some BJJ drilling and light/flow rolling on the mats. Maybe duck the aggressive guys until you’re done with the Academy and stick to upper belts who can roll light and safe. I know fuck-all about police training, but I know that trying to push your performance when you’re deep into a calorie deficit can get you hurt and won’t help you perform better in the short term. Pushing really hard deep into a calorie deficit is how I had my only serious lifting injury (sports hernia).

I’d really look at making the week prior a deload week where you eat well, recover and stick to movements that you’re going to be training at the Academy. Show up feeling your best at whatever size you are one week out.

Good luck big man. You’ve got this. I wish I had a stout guy like you to train jits with!