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Some Advice for a Newb?


Hello u beatiful citizens of these forums. Im relatively a beginner in weight lifting with some training on and off. Trained consistently for around 6 months and felt i had some decent gains over that period, i was at that moment following SL 5x5 and enjoyed it.

The thing is i stopped training for some months because of some personal problems in life bla bla bla, and now im ready to start up again and im fully motivated, but i dont rly wanna do the 5x5 program again as i already did it before. Therefore i have been looking at something different. its a program quite similar to 5x5 but not the same.

I have 3 days a week with Benchpress, deadlift and squats and it goes like this.

Week 1 day 1
Squats 68kg 8x3
Benchp 42kg 8x3
Deads 67kg 4x4

Day 2
squat 52kg 4x4
Bench 32kg 4x4
deads 90kg 8x3

Day 3
Squat 57kg 5x5
Bench 35kg 5x5
deads 75kg 5x5

Now this is based off on a % on ur maxes and the days are easy, medium and heavy days with a couple of % increase in weights for each week.

Well what im rly wondering is what exercises would be optimal to do together with this program, i would like to do some other exercises aswell and not just the 3 big ones but im not rly sure what would be the best choice, so i would rly like some input on that if anyone has some good advice on that one.

Second, is this a good program for a beginner? or would i gain more from another program? i mean i got big compound movements here and those are the most important as far as i have read.

My diet is fairly good and im gonna be staying at around 2800 Kcals a day and 2g protein pr kg of bodyweight.

Stats are(do not laugh):slight_smile:

Height: 178 Cm
Weight: 81Kg
fat% 16-18% i think

Benchpress 65KG 1rm
Squat 110Kg 1rm
Deadlifts 160kg 1rm
Militarypress 50kg 1rm.

Would love some input on these questions.


this makes no sense to me. light medium heavy days?

If your 1rms are what you say they are(or are they the 1RMs that you had before you stopped?) then these are all light days.

Go heavy, do SL 5x5, it works pretty well. There is no need for light days for you. Just start with a light-medium weight and progress 5lbs at a time. 15 lbs a week.

Also alternate bench press with overhead press. You are also doing way too many deadlifts(well you will when you get to a heavy enough weight...)

besides that, add whatever you want. dips, rows, pull ups/chin ups, some extra BW or light weight high rep abs/lower back work. I think that would be a good start.

5x5 is simple and works. I don't know why you'd try to change things. You can try but you will only make much slower progress, especially with this program.


if i were you i'd do the same program again. start with weights a little lighter than you ended up with (to give your body time to adapt back to the exercises) and really see how far you can get with the program.

no point having light days or deload days or whatever when there is linear progression still there to be had.


Wendler's 5/3/1 is great. Look into it and read what he has to say. If I would have listened to Jim from the beginning I would be a much stronger man today (with fewer injuries).


These stats are my starting strenght, did more when i was actively training but, ivve lost most after some time of inactivity unfortunately.

Ill take the advice u guys are giving me and ill do the SL 5x5 again for 12 weeks, then perhaps ill look into the 5/3/1 routine mentioned here. Its true that 5x5 is an excellent program and gives good progress but i wanted to see if this program was any good, but if u guys think ill do better doing the 5x5 again i will do that.

Rly looking forward to getting started again now. Thx:)


i think the idea is to do SL 5x5 until you stall on your lifts. if you are making linear progression (the weights are going up) then there really isn't much point in complicating things.

once one or more of your lifts stall then you need to look into a way to get them going up again.

a lot of people really do swear by 5/3/1. moving to 5/3/1 will probably be a bit of a deload for the first couple cycles compared to nearing the end of beginners gains on a linear progression program, though. get your strength as high as you can before testing your 1RM so you know what to plug in for the 5/3/1...


I love squats, bench and deads too, but I do not see why you would make them your only lifts. Moreover, if SL5x5 (a very well respected program) was working for you I would just continue with it. 5/3/1 is also a good suggestion above, but it too is a long term program so should not be abandoned in a few months just because you already did it -- but it is your life, so do whatever you want.


um...what about back?


I wasnt looking at making those lifts my only lifts, i was asking aswell for advice on what lifts i could do together with the lifts. Iknow SL 5x5 is a good program and i am going to do it for as long as i can and then probably do 5/3/1 routine.



I think most would agree that even as a newb deadlifting 3 times a week is excessive.

I agree with what the guys are saying, either go back to your previous program as from the sounds of it was working well for you, or something like 5/3/1 would be perfect, but again as one of the guys mentioned its a long term program, so you need to be fully commited and stick with it for at least 9 months, preferably more.

Either way good luck to you, just make sure whatever you choose you stick to till you hit a brick wall.


what you wrote was daft - why do only 3 things? You dont want to do 5x5 - fine, 3reps is good too. But that is a very unbalanced program with no room for progression.
Do 5/3/1 or look into the thread in the BB forum with all of KingBeefs programs