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Some Advice Appreciated



I've done my first bulk and would like some advice on where I should go from here.


I used to be an extremely overweight 240-250lb then dropped to 215lbs over 3 years with shit loads of cardio and caloric restriction. I then found weight lifting and low carb dieting and began to eat under 50g/carbs a day for 1.5 years where I dropped to 205lbs. During that time I tried many different things, from a mini-vdiet type approach, to shit loads of cardio, but I couldn't maintain a weight under 200lbs for every long.

So I decided to bulk, and in 3 months I went from 205lb - 230lb.

For my training, I did:

1 month I,BB Shoulder Spec
1 Month I,BB Back Spec
1 Month Regular 5 day split. Though I really just took days off when I felt I needed one. Never lifted less than 4x/week and there were also weeks I would do 6x/week

My lifts improved significantly during this period, especially my deadlift and OH press. Not surprising since I did a spec program for those 2 muscle groups.

Deadlift: 250lb - 405lbs

Seated OH DB Press: 40lb DB's to 85lb DBs.

I have held 230lb for a couple of months and now plan to lean up to 215lb then bulk again. What are your thoughts. Also wanted to say I have a predisposition to store fat in my love handle area. I don't hold much fat in my limbs, sucks!




Please delete this thread


I would never have guessed that you lift weights. You do whatever you want with that.


I'm not being mean but you are still fat. The only difference between those two pictures is it looks like you're sucking in your stomach in one photo and pushing out in the other. I don't think you should be thinking about "bulking" at all. Eat at or below maintenance and lift your ass off, you'll still put on muscle.
I think cardio in the morning on an empty stomach would be a good idea too.
And congrats on the weight loss so far but 250-205 in 4.5 years is really slow progress. I think you're doing yourself a disservice bouncing around between 215-230 telling yourself that you're "bulking" and "cutting."


I think you can definitely notice the weight loss. Can't speak as to anything else, but you do look better and absolutely have the right attitude.


You have the right idea with gaining muscle I just don't think you need to be on a bulking diet to do it. I'd probably stay away from I,BB until you're more advanced too.

You should post what your diet looks like and your split so some of the regulars could help you more.

Nice job on your deadlift increase btw.


I don't know, brother. I can see the line on your stomach in the first photo. I think you were sucking it in on the second one.


I feel very sorry for you, brother. You have terrible genetics for this activity and the way you're put together is ... a mess. This is the wrong hobby for you, my friend, and I'm sorry. on the face of it, tt doesn't SEEM like you are pushing yourself in the gym at all but again, I could be wrong and this may be the best you can do with what God gave you.

Look, I can't imagine you overhead pressing 85lb dumbbells with anything even resembling good form. I cant even imagine you pressing the 40s with ease with that "build" but who knows. You don't need to be doing spec programs like IBB, and you don't need to be eating 175g of carbs. You CAN use CT's training principles like the CT ramp and others but you need reasonable volume at your stage of development, which is GROUND ZERO. Train with moderate volume for now.

I would next recommend you get on the AD. The AD will help your hormone levels, and if you train hard in the gym you can gain a lot of strength on your way down to a bodyweight of 180lb. I dont think you need to get too much below 180 pounds (if at all) but you should look better than you do now. You need to train every muscle group, brother, including your arms. You are put together very very very badly (blame your parents) and the only hope for you to ever look decent is to train EVERYTHING. So you can use CT's way of ramping, it works great, but stay away from the IBB programs and get down and dirty with the basics and do direct arm and shoulder work.

... and yes, you need to be aware of how many calories and grams of protein/fat/carbs you are getting, and keep an eye on the scale. Again, I think the AD would be the best thing for you at this point. There is a lot of information about it in threads on this board. And I wish you all the best man. you need it.

PM me if you would like more detailed advice. I think you can expect to get to a solid 180 sooner than you can imagine before you can get back to adding mass.






With your physique, it would help a lot if you developed your shoulders and arms. Read the opening post http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding/the_bodybuilding_bible_free_of_charge then do a 4-6 day split. Improve your muscle mind connection so that you work the muscle when you are training it, learn how to get a pump/or sore in all of the muscles you are working.

I see you are doing low reps, experiment with higher reps like 8-12 or more. I personally grow better off high reps while my friend does well with low reps. Do both compound and isolation, you can preexhaust your weak muscle groups(in terms of feeling it during the exercise or development) with isolation exercises then go on to compound movements. For example you can do lateral raise variations before you do seated overhead dumbbell presses.

How is your diet right now? You should be able to lean up with 10-12x your body weight in calories with at least 1 gram per pound of body weight in protein rest of the cals from carbs or fat but with most of those carbs coming from cruciferous veggies.


Its pretty simple:

meal 1: egg whites 8 + pam spray

meal 2: 50g protein from lean meat + handful nuts + broccolli

Meal 3: protein shake 2 scoops + water

meal 4: 50g Protein normally grilled lamb

I've dieted quite a bit and do best on a strict keto.


For all of you who think I'm making up my OH press numbers I put a video of me OH pressing 85lb DB's in my hub.

I always get a lot of help on the first rep but after I've gotten it into good position it's all me.


I would eat at maintenace for 230 and focus on continuing to gain strength on all lifts...

You should also go on a balanced program(that includes iso work)...you have some lagging bodyparts(chest,arms)...


After seeing the video I understand why you have a few stretch marks over your anterior delts because the angle you did that exercise at is great for hitting your anterior delts but not your medial delts at all even though you did 85 pounds for 3-4 reps with quite a bit of assistance. Do you do any isolation work like lateral raises for shoulders? Seated overhead dumbbell press should be something more like this.


I plan to focus on those two body parts next bulk. Problem is without being carbed up my wrists and shoulder hurt from curls and horizontal pressing. The water retention from carbs does my joints wonders.


You are incorrect if you think I was given "quite a bit of assistance." It was only during the first rep 1 did I get assistance, after that I was completely pressing the weight on my own. In the middle of the set you can see me tell him to remove his hands (I even instructed him to move his hands after helping me with rep 1 prior to the set but he did not listen). As for seated OH pressing done on a 90 degree bench, I find it uncomfortable and have a tendency to over arch my back, using a slight incline really helps me avoid over-arching.

Yes, after the pressing I was doing DB lateral raises, then machine rear delt fly's


if you're ingesting a lot of carbs, maybe give some sled work a try. i made one with scraps from a building site and some stuff from around my house.


I've even seen CT use that type of form on the Friday of I,BB shoulder spec workout. I really find that angle a lot better suited to my body.