Solving PWO Puzzle & New Job

Hi T-folks.
Got this new and great job. Only problem is that it screws up my post workout (sort of) nutrition. Here are the details:

  • My workouts are at 8 AM (finished round 9 AM, sometimes even later). Of course this is the time for my PWO shake.
  • An hour later (10 AM or sometimes even later) is the time for a full P+C meal.
  • Now’s the problem: At my new job, everyone goes out to lunch at 12 AM. This means I have less than 2 hours between these two decent meals. Of course I can bring my own food, and eat later, but I don’t wanna do it due to social reasons (new job, get to know new people etc.). I may return to the optimal meal schedule later, but I think I’ll wait with it for a couple of months.

So, assuming I can’t chage any of the above (workout time, lunch time), what do you suggest? should I keep the 10AM meal lighter (guess not), lighter lunch? Any creative idea will be welcome. I’m on a cutting phase right now, but I guess I’d have the same problem if bulking.

I would just make sure you get some quality calories in you imediatly after working out, then go to lunch at noon. The most important meal is the one imediatly after working out, this window can close in less then an hour. After that I don’t think timing is as critical, expecially if your trying to cut calories I don’t see how you could have 3-4 meals in the early part of the day and not be starving at night, and also splitting up meals more evenly through the day will help stoke you motabalism.

on that note are you eating anything before working out? If not I would do before/after carb/protien drink then eat lunch at noon.

I would work out earlier but that’s just me.

JNeves - yeah I eat a light P+C meal when I get up (round 6.30). My workout timing sucks, but it’s the only time I got.