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Solved My Tren and Bloating Issue

I’ve ran Tren ace about 4 times now and the last 3 times noticed I would start to hold water/fat about 3/4 weeks into my cycle. I thought it was my estrogen so I increased my adex and ended up crashing my E2 levels. After about two months of doing some research on this similar issue others were sometimes having. I came across the topic of cortisol. High cortisol can cause bloating, weight gain (in the midsection) and anxiety. I then came across Ashwagandha (a supplement that can relieve high cortisol) and started on 600mg per day on this. Within 2 days I noticed less bloat and saw myself losing fat much easier then before. I continued this regimen for the duration of my Test-E and Tren-ace cycle and got rid of this Tren bloat issue for good.


Havent had any bloat problems on Tren but at first had Trensomnia some rage & night sweats… After 2 weeks it went away also I found by going with ED shots I was way more stable…So I do .50-75 EOD and .25 on the off days to balance out, I do find that my nuts really ache on Tren the day after my big shot… But cant figure out if its the Tren or Winny on that one… You get same? I was thinking bump my HCG or get a new batch of HCG as could be bunk

My curent cycle is 100mg test prop M-W-F .75 Tren Ace M-W-F .25 Tren Ace T-TH-SA
Winny 50mg ED
Anastozle .50 2x week
Caber .25 2x week
HCG 500 per week

Yea I never had the bloat issue with my first cycles so I thought it laced with some test it made no sense. But it was definitely a high cortisol level that was causing the bloat. It’s crazy cause I crashed my E2 levels to like 8 and still had bloating so I new it was something else. Like everyone says peoples bodies react different so if this ever happens at least you’ll know what it is.

Don’t really feel the aching. I did at first but I’m currently on my 4th cycle with Tren (run it May thru August just for summer) and don’t have that feeling now. I get my HCG thru a health clinic so at least I know for sure my test and HCG is always legit. I would up it to about 300iu twice a week. I’m on HRT so I take this dose year round.

I never ran Winny do you take orals or inject it? I’ve ran Tren at 200mg-240mg for 4 months 3 times now and never had any issues running it this long. I think low dose (200-300mg) is great and if you work out hard you’ll see gains for sure. No need for those high tren doses you just end up with all the sides.

I run winny oral… 30mg in morning 20mg at night… Yea Tren strength is crazy at 50-75 weights feel like feathers & what was hard is no easy…so no need to crush my Dick… I think 50-100 EOD or 50ED is the sweet spot… Also when mixing down with test in same barrel I dont get head rush or tren cough… I think guys get those horrible sides pinning too much tren by its self. Its super strong so it should be handled with care

@THEBUS1988 I know this is an older thread but I’m experiencing a similar issue. Have u been able to keep this from coming back by using Ashwagandha extract this whole time? Has it solved the issue for good?