Solution for Obesity

this is my solution for obesity, tell me what you guys think of it. The basic plan is that there would be “fat police” who go all over town and send anyone whose BF% is over 40 into one of those war camp type of deals. each person is put into their own cell with nothing but a bed, a toilet, and a treadmill. if they want 3000 calories of food they would have to run enough to say burn 4000 calories or so. if they dont run, they dont eat. when their BF% gets into an acceptable range they are reintregrated into society. This could also solve our power problem because the treadmills could be hooked up to generators (an added bonus). I really think this would make the world a better place, better looking at least.

I like it a lot. You know, as i literally starve myself to get ripped for the summer shows and beach chicks (yeah I am watchign muscle loss) I can’t help but notice how SERIOUSLY overweight the majority of people are. It turns my stomach becuase, knowing the feelings of hunger pangs, headaches, sleepless nights, etc. etc., you gain a ton of respect for people who have no food and starve involuntarliry…and then here these fat fu-- are in their car, drinking soda’s and eating at fast food markets. You know, I am not saying what I do is perfectly healthy per se, but shit, no one has a clue about the “energy balance.”
PS, we could use the energy too!

Ever see the Upright Citizen’s Brigade on Comedy central? They had a skit kinda like what you are talking about, fat nazi’s. It was hilarious.

hahaha funny

But beating obesity requires an entire lifestyle change. Those people will lose 40 pounds but gain 50 back.

Another concern is parents who feed their
children into obesity. On the one hand,
taking kids away from their parents is
an extremely serious thing, but on the
other hand, it seems a form of child abuse
for the parents to cause/allow this to
occur. Perhaps the answer is to make
it a criminal charge of some sort punishable
at first by large fine.

Sure would bring down rising health care costs in North America. In addition, proccessed foods like flour and sugar should be lumped in with tobacco and drugs as enemies of society.

Ah, but you can’t do that, Bill. After all, the poow wittle buttah bawls are suffering from a genetic problem. They’ve just got big bones. The dog was the one that ate the entire three layer cake. Honest.

the funniest part of my idea is the mental picture you get of the fat people running from the cops. you can just see the flubber bounce up and down in a feeble attempt to escape. then, after about 10 seconds, they would collapse on the sidewalk and all the blubber would be rolling around all funny.
as for people losing the weight and then gaining it back… let them. right back to the fat camp they go, sooner or later they would be forced to change their lifestyles. i mean, unless they like being forced to run on a treadmill

quite honestly, i like fat people. not because they are jolly or anything like that but because they make a great contrast between in shape people, like me, and themselves. if it werent for fat people i wouldnt look half as good. i like ugly people for the same reason

I like the idea. But to be fair, we should also have “Skinny bastard cops” who pull in anyone below a certain BMI. Put 'em in the cells, force-feed them eight times a day, hook up electrodes (the electricity coming from the fat farm inmates) to their balls if they do any aerobic exercise whatsoever.

What the fuck is wrong with you people? As a Jew whose relatives had to flee eastern Europe because of the Nazis, suggesting even in jest that we impose our own ideology on others via a concentration camp-type setup is unbelievably offensive. I know you think you’re joking, Mike, and I know the rest of you think it’s funny to play along, but this whole notion is sick beyond belief. I’m deeply saddened that this kind of shit keeps popping up on this board. What kind of people are you to make fun of others’ misfortunes, especially in terms that nostalgize one of the most horrific episodes of inhumanity in history?

In a perfect world, that would be a great idea. Unfortunately, we live in an ultra conservative world. And, unfortunately we are anomolies to the “normal” population. All through high school I was grossly overweight, until I decided to learn what I could do for myself and stop making excuses to live a healthier life. It all comes down to behavior change…and the sad part is, not many are willing to give up those doughnuts and big macs. I am a firm believer of a quote I once heard (it might have even been from here), it goes: “An excuse is just another bastard child of a weak will.” Now, personally, as a guy, I dont want to be pointed out and told I have a weak will. Isn’t that what it really comes down to…What kind of will you have and how much you are willing to sacrifice? I believe so.

What I am sick of are people telling me I am obese. Now don’t get me wrong I have some “chub” but honestly my family is big. We do have big friggin bones. The highest everyone has ever told me they thought I weighed was 270. Meanwhile I am 6’ 335lbs with 29% bodyfat(I have had it checked multiple ways). My sister at one time looked anorexic yet at 5’4 looking this way she still weighed 154lbs. This goes to show you that the scale is bullshit. Look I know I need to lose some bodyfat and I know where I am week in my diet. Its the fact that all my dinners are cheat meals. All day I eat great. 4 high protein shakes and salad with alot of chicken at lunch no dressing I make it myself. I end up with about 350grams of protein already ingested before dinner. I lift like a maniac and I am strong as hell with alot of muscle but damn me if I don’t F**k up at dinner every night. OH well one day I will get it together. But the bottom line is that big bones exist but big bones have nothing to do with rolls and rolls of fat. Look no man in my family ever gets shredded but this isn’t the point the point is these people aren’t trying. If they were they would excercise regularly and there would be no sugar in their lives. I havn’t drank a regular soda or fruit drink in almost 15years. All my beverages are no calorie. As for cookies or sweets only at family parties like birthdays. Those bad dinners I eat are usually Chinese food or Pizza. Alot of Pizza. Oh and that whole thing about cops. Cops should not be allowed to be fat and if they are the type who is forever fat then they should be an investigator and never on the beat. Thats just my opinion I am never wrong LOL.

I saw a fat guy today at the gym, doing the machine leg press, and when he was done, it took him two tries to get off it! He tried to get up the first time, and fell back down, like the effort of getting off a machine was too much. Pretty sad.

I agree on the appearance thing. I go to cabin/hot-tub parties quite a bit. It’s not important that I look good, it’s just important that I look better than the other guys :wink:

I think the skinny bastard camp is a damn good idea. If one of you guys starts one up I will be more than glad to be abducted. Just stick a conveyor belt loaded with chicken breasts in front of my mouth. Or maybe be forced to wear one of those beer hats filled with protein shakes all day. Ahhhhh. I can only imagine…

amen zev.
the sanctimoniousness of the anti-fat-folks here really is disgusting and the thing is, it hides a lot of self-hatred. you all really hated yourselves when you were what you considered to be fat and now that you feel you are lean mean muscle machines, think it’s perfectly acceptable to dump on other people who represent what you were (or even still are).
it’s really not ok to bash fat/obese people. they still are people and have feelings, and some of them are actually here reading these forums trying to change their lives. way to make them feel welcome, guys.
grow the hell up.

Obesity certainly is a problem in the US, but one key is things like reinstating gym class in school, and make it worthwhile. Also, kids get fat because their parents work all the time and hit McDonald’s on the way home rather spend time at home with the kids, cooking good meals, etc. I don’t think everyone needs to be muscular (thats MY goal, I wont impose it on others), or even skinny, just HEALTHY. In reasonable shape.

Judging people on their exterior appearance is a great idea. Especially if you allowed to drag them away and bring them to some camp… HEY!! Why dont you call this group “Mazi” or the “LLL”…