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Solubility of PWO Mix


Hey everyone.

I'm planning on using the following PWO mix while leaning down in the next 4-6 weeks after a long bulk...

60g whey isolate
40g glutamine
20g glycine
10g leucine
5g creatine

How much water do you tink I'll need for this to dissolve well?
Should two 28oz(56 oz water total) shaker bottles be good enough to fully dissolve evrything?


550ml water, use a blender.



Make it with a bit of water. If it doesn't mix, add some more water. Repeat as necessary.

I would also suggest starting out w/ less glutamine and working up to 40g... some people have trouble handling large doses of it.


This worked well.
Had to bring one of those cup blender things to work and split it in two(225mL) cups, though.
It was a bit foamy but worked well. 60 seconds to prepare, blend, and drink.

Many thanks.


Thanks for the suggestion.
I have no stomach upset problems with glutamine or glycine at high doses. I initially had problems with the insulin release and subsequent drop in blood sugar. It's manageable now. I've learned not to breathe deep and walk around for a while before I stretch out so I don't get a headache and dizziness any more.

I had tried to use blender bottles before but I needed at least 48 oz of water to get the mixture to a palatable level.

I'm using a blender now as it works much better.