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Solomon Grundy's Summer Log

Solomon Grundy born on Monday…

Anyways my Summer starts this Monday and I am planning to get as strong as possible this summer. So i’m making this log to hold myself accountable to that goal. I have about a year of training experience but I have learned alot in a years time. Mostley from this site. I was lurking and just decided to make an account. In my year of training I went from 155 to 192.Not bad results but I want to be stronger now. My current routine had plateu’d so i’m deciding to switch it up and go for more of a strength based program. Anyways, here’s what I’m planning for a routine:


Bench 5x5 (On the last set I think I may add in a rest pause to get in a extra rep or 2.)
Squat 5x5
Deadlift 5x5

On rest days I will be doing some interval training on a track for about 20 minutes. During these rest days I am thinking about doing 50 pullups/chinups spread throughout the day and eventually work my way up to 200 pullups/chinups spread through out the day.

I eat pretty clean. I’m going to basically be eating everything that isnt tied down in my house. I’ve also gotten alot of MD complete and lowcarb MD. I will be shooting for about 1.5g s of protein for every pound of weight.

Supplements I am using:

Supplements that I’m thinking of using if progress stalls:
Surge Workout Fuel

So let me know what you think guys of the routine and all. All suggestions will be appreciated.
I will post some stats after my workout monday.

Your workout seems kind of basic, I’m sure you would get results, but you could do better.

I recommend CT’s beast building, esp part 1 if your looking for strength.

[quote]dfootball11 wrote:
Your workout seems kind of basic, I’m sure you would get results, but you could do better.

I recommend CT’s beast building, esp part 1 if your looking for strength. [/quote]

It’s a basic 5x5 program. You don’t think that my strength will increase a good amount with what I have above? Beast building part 1 looks good but I think it would work better If I tried it a few months from now when i’m stronger. Can you tell me why you don’t think this will work for building up my strength?

After consideration, I am going to use Bill Starr’s 5x5 routine. I will still be doing pullups/chins on rest days along with cardio though.

I just went shopping and stocked up on plenty of food. It all starts tommorow! hah

So today was day 1 heres what today looked like:

Squat 5x5:

Bench 5x5:

Barbell row 5x5:

Seated calf raise

8x140 (Up and slow descent 5 second count)
15x90 (Straight reps)
16x90 (Up and slow descent 5 second count)

Today was my first day picking weights and I know that next workout of this type I will definitly have to increase weights in squat and Bench. And maybe barbell row.
I will post diet later tonight.

Cardio and pullups tommorow!




Scrambled eggs (4eggs) and oatmeal
16oz of Orange juice

Grapejuice w/creatine
Protein shake with gaterade powder

Surge and Grow! Whey

Lunch: (I was in a rush)
French Onion Soup
Metabolic Drive Bar
8oz of 2%milk

Grapejuice with Creatine


Bacon Burger with Fries from the 99

Low-Carb Metabolic Drive (3 scoops)

Calories: 3836
Protein: 281g

I’m still getting used to eating this much. I’m going to try and bump the cals up another 300 calories. Then see how my gains come. If they slow I will bump them up another 500

Nice man…EAT up and LIFT heavy…that’s what I’m doing. My squat is about up there with you but I weight about 15-20 pounds less :P. Good luck and make sure you are going ATG.

[quote]ronaldo7 wrote:
Nice man…EAT up and LIFT heavy…that’s what I’m doing. My squat is about up there with you but I weight about 15-20 pounds less :P. Good luck and make sure you are going ATG.[/quote]

Yeah i’m a tall mofo (6’ 2’) but i get my ass down to the ground. Fucking sucks but it feels so good when you get that last rep in.

Thanks for the encouragement. Good luck with your program too.

So I did 20 minutes of Interval training today.
and 50 pullups/chinups



Scrambled Eggs (4eggs)
2 servings of Oatmeal
16oz of Orange Juice



Some type of Shredded chicken sandwhiches. I had three but had no clue how much was in each.
So no clue on calories or protein content.


Meatloaf with green beans and mashed potatos


Super Shake
(3 scoops MD complete, 1 scoop Lowcarb MD, 1/2 cup of cottage cheese, 3 tbsp of peanut butter, 16-18oz of 2%milk)

(1060 cals with 100gs of protein)

Grand totals for the day:
3873 calories
Protein: 231g
(The chicken sandwhiches were not included in these numbers. However, I am guess I probably was in the 4100 calorie range for the day. No clue on protein content.)

More training tommorow!


I am reviving this thread.

Unfortunately due to and injury that occurred over the summer and life’s fun mini little crisises I couldn’t keep up with the log. Well now is the beginning of a new school year and I’m looking to start increasing my weights again.

This is going to become more of a training log rather than about my nutrition. Why? well i’m back in college and the reality of my figuring the break down of everything right now is slim to none. Basically I know how to eat to gain. and then I eat some more. anyways…

I recently switched my bench to a powerlifting style along the lines of Dave Tate’s 6 week bench cure.
My bench went down but its slowly getting back up there.

My knee is feeling strong again so squatting is getting back to what it used to be too.

Current stats:

weight: 197lbs
Bench: 230lbs
Squat: 260lbs ( I haven’t maxed in a while so I don’t know)

My workout yesterday was:

Regular bench 135x10, 185x8, 205x4, 225x2, 185x6
Band resistant close grip bench 2 90 pound resistant bands plus 95 pounds x12, same plus 145 pounds x 2, same plus 115 x 8

we then did some cleans
and it went like this

135x10, 135x8, 185x1, 195x1

There is something very satisfying about hit a body weight clean. New goal is to hit 1.5 times BW

anyways, the next day or so is recovery. I’m aching all over right now. Traps are murdering me each time i move. hah

Friday’s workout

Squat: 135x10,135x10,185x5,225x3
Rack pulls: 225x6,275x5,315x4,(365x3 with belt)
Mechanical Dropsets Bicep curls
DB Military press: 45x10,55x6,60x4

I might be starting a 5/3/1 program tonight with my friend if he manages to plug in all our lifts into some calculator for it. We will see how that goes. I will keep you posted.

So Sunday went like this

Military Press: 95x3,100x3,110x6
High incline DB bench: 55x10, 65x8,70x5
DB single Rows 65x10,70x10,75x7,100x3
Lateral raises
Cable Cross-overs 40x6,40x6,40x5