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Soloflex Machine Opinions?

Does anyone know if the Soloflex machine is worth owning?

I think these do the same thing for less money, but there is no bench to sit on while lacing up your shoes.



No IMO. I would spend my money on a good bar and plates over machines any day (and the soloflex doesn’t appear to even be a great machine).

You could probably find 100 on craigs list for a fraction of the cost.
If it is a steal and you have the space, maybe

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The only cool movement that this apparatus would be good for is the suspended, inverted sit-up (think Stallone in Rocky 4).
Otherwise ownership of said machine is not getting anyone laid…

Free weights & calisthenics FTW!

Theres none on the east coast!

There’s a couple current Craigslist posts with Soloflex machines for sale in the Mid-Atlantic region (Maryland & Pennsylvania).