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Solo Drills?


Before I pose my question, let me set a reference frame of what I'm getting at.

In Wing Chun/Ving Tsun they use Sticky Hands (Chi Sao) training. The purpose of this is to train your instinct and reactions. It does other things as well, but my attention is on training the reaction part.

In Tai Chi (Chuan) they use Push Hands. This is also to train reflexes/reactions/instinct/what have you.

In White Crane there is Entwined Hands (Pan Shou). Also this is trained for those same purposes.

Another form of practice is called Bridge Hands. This too is about training reactions.

What this all goes to say is that all these methods use partners. Does anyone know of a method similar to the aforementioned, but intended for practice by an individual? And no, I don't mean just forms/katas/chuans.


In boxing, they use a double end/floor to ceiling bag, and speed ball. Also lots of skipping.

I know you might think I'm taking the piss. But I am deadly serious. These are three of the best tools for learning timing, speed, accuracy, quick reactions, sharp strikes... the list goes on.

I can see that you are probably looking for more of an "oriental" solution, but seriously consider these western tools. Very useful to not just boxers, but the the traditional martial artist as well.

Also, I thought that in wing chun they used wooden dummies? Aren't these also used for many drills which build the things you are talking about? My understanding of the system is very limited, so perhaps I've gotten the wrong idea from somewhere?


Yes, in Wing Chun they have wooden dummy forms. However, the cost of one is not something within my budget. :frowning:


Wing Chun is seriously a form of some out dated ma? I thought it was just a joke that people said. Huh, learn something new everyday.


They said the same thing about karate. Now Machida is the top LHW and right now. Most people who know anything will agree that right now nobody in his div can beat his style.


Anybody have a good link to those yoga drills Rickson Gracie does in the movie CHOKE?


I often drill solo


The strongest guy I know is a 5'6" guy who weighs something like 130lbs. Seriously. Wing Chun is one of the most effective martial arts out there, in my opinion (although it too has its drawbacks, like any other style).


Hey fitonacci, you still reading this thread?

You come up with any thing?

How about juggling? I'm serious dude it's cheap and effective..


I do it, and it's fun, and it does have benefits.