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Solitary Confinement


If you found yourself locked in solitary confinement and had to choose to do either pushups or pull ups only for the rest of your incarceration (Let's say 10 years) which one would you pick? I am curious to read what you would all choose and why.


Great first post.

Why would you ask such a question? What are you trying to acheive by asking such a question? Is there a purpose to your question?

Both pull-ups and push-ups require minimal equipment. Why couldnt anyone do both?



just out of curiosity, that's all...starting a conversation. Do I need to have a specific reason? just for the sake of argument, you can only choose one


I'd choose pull ups any day.
If I got the chance to escape solitary I might have to climb stuff! and pullups are gonna help me the most, plus they just look awesome


Was locked for 3 months and was doing 500 pushups a day. Not all at once, but 100 or so before breakfast, lunch and dinner. and during lockdown. Ended up not doing any real time, but was doing these in anticipation of doing five years in huntsville prison. there was no real place to do pullups in our pod that the guard could not see.


It is kind of a nutty hypothetical, but the answer is pull-ups, or, actually muscle-ups as per today's article. :wink:

On the plus side, this thread is a good place to toss up this classic 2-part article, Training Behind Bars:


That was one of the first, and best, articles I remember reading on T-Nation


You probably wouldn't be able to do pull-ups because that would be a possible suicide hazard.


Pullups!! Could always crack a Bronson :wink:


The best thing would be to meditate so fucking hard you shit pure serenity.


I'd just punch the cement walls every-day until I busted my way out of prison.


Push-ups.They work greater percentage of overall muscle mass.