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Solids in Tren

After about 4 weeks, my 30ml bottle of Trenfactor Tren is starting to develop some rust colored solids.

Is it the preferred method to dissolve these by heating the bottle?

I have read that one should heat a pan of 1/2 inch or so of water to almost boiling, put the ampule in the water (resting the bottle on something so that it doesn’t touch the pan bottom, overheat, and break) and then wait a few minutes.

Does this make sense?

Finally, does anyone know the SHELF-life (so to speak) of juice? I know my prescription test eth has an expiration date of one year. Wondering how accurate that is for bootlegged juice. Also, I would think if an FDA-approved Pharmacuetical co. says the expiration is one year, it would probably still be good at least another six months past that.

I don’t know about reconstituting bootlegged gear, but I do know that when you heat the vial it can explode if you don’t stick a pin in the top of it – just an empty barrel. This will prevent it from exploding.

Just put hot water in a cup and let it sit awhile then shake slowly. If you don’t want to use test after the expiration date let me know I’ll use it…

i hear the rectal warming technique works well also.

yah thats what I hear too, especially if it is a 30cc jug or more! -just make sure you use plenty of lubricant, but don’t stick a needle in it!

Regarding the solids: Put enough water in a sauce pan so that when the vial is immersed it covers about 3/4 of it. Bring the water to a boil (without vial in it)and remove it from the heat. Place the vial in the pan containing the hot water. Every few minutes, swirl the vial and you will find the solids dissolving back into the solution. MAKE SURE YOU VENT THE VIAL DURING THIS PROCEDURE OTHERWISE YOU RISK EXPLOSION. I don’t know what the solids are, but I have had to dissolve them with every batch I’ve made. No adverse effects were noted.

Regarding shelf-life: Shelf life dates placed on products (especially drugs) are very conservative. In general, this means that if the shelf life of a particular drug is 24 months, it probably doesn’t start degrading (crapping out) until 36 - 42 months.

Thanks to the Bro’s who provided accurate feedback relating to my question above.