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Solidifying Gains


I am not sure if this question has been addressed yet so don't flame me too hard if it has. After reading all of these posts about attitude and massive eating etc etc I have come to understand that gaining mass and strength can be accomplished by anyone with a quality diet and a positive hardcore attitude. Unfortunately many people choose to find reasons for why they cannot achieve their goals. I am a skinny bastard and have been able to gain mass, but I have been unable to solidify my gains. I have had about 3-4 yrs of solid training experience, and I have gained in excess of 20 lbs on a mass cycle, but I inevitably go back to being about 2-5 lbs heavier than I originally was. I guess my point is that I understand the idea of being on a massive eating mass cycle, but how do I come off of this type of cycle without losing everything that I worked for?? I may be missing something but I am assuming that I should not be on a mass cycle all the time. So t-men and t-women what do I do to keep my hard-earned LBM?????


Keep eating and lifting big post cycle.


To explain what Ko said, you have to consider that you need to be eating more calories to maintain your new mass once you've built it. If, post-bulking cycle, you go back to eating like you did before, you shouldn't be surprised if you go back to weighing what you did before. After all, that's what you're eating to maintain.


are you using androgens on these "cycles?" that would explain a lot.


Remember, determining your maintenance calories is based on your LBM, so if that raises, then the amount of calories you need to maintain also raise. So you will need to eat that much more, not to gain more, but to keep that higher LBM.


Another thing to consider is that the guidlines for the massive eating as well as any diet are educated estimates. That is to say that you may need more than the estimates recomend. It is all about experimentation and logging everything to find out what works and what doesnt work for you. The more you learn about yourself the easier it will get. But the main thing is I got to say, "It's your Diet Stupid"

I just had to add that classic in there.


if you are puting on 20lbs and then losing about 15 of that then you are dropping way too much cals post cycle or increase energy expenditure to soon. Become a lazy Mofo that just eats and traing and sleeps. if you are sweating and you dont have a barbell in you hand then you are wasting energy. Mass gaining is the best. go hang out at the local burger joint, have a beer, love it!