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Solid Pre-Workout Meals


Hey guys 1st post on this forum! anyway im 5'9 185lbs bout 14% bodyfat. gonna get my body fat down to the single digits. Im doing 4 strength sessions a week. looking for something good to eat an hour before i train to really get the most gains i can get. I lift 1st thing in the morning. Right now im eating 5 eggs with a grapefruit. sometimes just 5 eggs. sometimes its 1.5 scoop of whey 2pc whole grain/Rye bread with a tbsp of Almond butter.

i take my Alpha-GPC, multivitamin, and extra vitamic c (if i didnt eat the grapefruit). I dont do prework out supps. they do nothing for me but make me edgy. any ideas? these some good meals? looking for some advice. Thank You!!




These days, yes I am admittedly a FINiBARs junkie,.. but even when I ate 'food' before training, it was always something simple, usually oatmeal and a met drive shake, sometimes Natty PB and a shake, it all depended on how much time I had before training. Anything oatmeal or shake focused would usually sit well with my training less than an hour later. Personally, I wouldn't feel very full with just a few eggs in me (and certainly not from a grapefruit -lol)



complex carbs and protein.

whole eggs are not ideal pre workout food.


Sums up my thoughts pretty well here.

I've always been a fan of oatmeal/whey shakes, with natty PB if I'm bulking.

Although I've got 50 lbs of maltodextrin available now, mixes great with whey and doesn't sit in my stomach at all. Therefore, making it the ideal morning workout option.


I like a serving of spaghetti and a cup of chocolate milk:
3.5g fat
72g carbs
15g protein

380 calories


I don't see why not. I love a steak omelette before lifting, or meat and nuts... I really do think that tyrosine makes me have much more drive in the gym.

Carbs generally make me sleepy, so I only eat carbs after my workout (I guess you could call it carb backloading?). I do have 1 FINiBAR prior to my workout, though.


About half-to-a-whole FINiBAR plus about 50g of MD has been what gives me what I need for a solid w/o.
This is only for a heavy lifting session that will generate the most hypertrophy/strength and GH.
For circuit/complexes/conditioning type of sessions I will drop the FINiBAR (too much carbs) - haven't earned my carbs for that type of work out!


I like oats+whey both pre and post workout, works just as good as most things I have tried and its easy, quick and cheap


Well youre weird. And your post is confusing. So -10 internetz to you sir.


@PB Andy, that is strange that carbs make you sleepy. I've always rationed a large percentage of my daily carbs for preworkout, definitely helps me maintain a pump even on low calorie diets!


Funny how carbs didn't make people sleepy until books and articles started popping up saying that carbs made people sleepy...


I guess it's all in my head that I get tired. Umm, no. I guess the same goes with Waylander as well when he eats FINiBARs?


That's why I love Finibars... they make me feel really hydrated like it sucks up the water. I may get drowsy after I eat one of them but as soon as I am in the gym doing some dynamic warm-up stuff, the sleepiness goes away.


For the past 5 months, my pre workout meal has primarily been oatmeal mixed with protein powder...It's great.


Oats put me right to sleep.


I like PB Andy, but he sounds like Koresh. :slightly_smiling:


i like the Clif Builder Bar. Kinda like a regular Clif Bar but has 20 grams of protein in it.

By the way, it's got 20 grams coming mostly from soy (barfs in mouth).


Shit. 20g of soy protein will turn you into a woman man. I hear they have estrogens bro and that's like the anti testosterone.


Right. That's it.