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Solid Meal After Workout?


Due to cafeteria scheduling at work, I end up eating a pretty substantial meal immediately after my workout. I workout around 12:30 pm and the heavily subsidized (free) buffet lunch at work ends at 2:00pm, so I pretty much have just enough time to workout, clean-up and get my lunch in quick succession. And I'm not passing up free lunch! Maybe there are 20 minutes between my last set and first bite of food. On workout days, I take Indigo 3G half hour before workout and one serving of Plazma 15 minutes before workout.

Question: Is this nutritional timing hindering my gains because I'm eating a slow digesting meal right after workouts. Are there suggested alterations to nutrition plan. I can't really move workout timing due to family responsibilities and busy work schedule. My goal is to gain quality muscle - I'm about 220# at 6'0" now.

Thanks for any thoughts.


You are fine. Solid food 20 minutes after you workout has been used for decades before the relatively recent notion of getting all immediate workout nutrition in the form of shakes. I would assume, especially with Plazma before working out, that you are fine.

Don’t stress out about it. Free food is not something I would pass up postworkout just to down a shake costing a couple bucks. Your gains may be effected a grand total of 2% by eating solid food instead of shakes, and even that much is probably a stretch.

Plus, since you can’t move the workout timing or the free buffet, your only other real option is to skip the free buffet for your own post-workout shake. If you really want to spend extra money on something that will not likely make a drastic change in your body composition, go ahead. Just seems crazy to me. You could also have a shake or something immediately post-workout then go eat 20 minutes later but I don’t think that will really make a difference honestly.


Will solid food hinder my gains?
Not many things online make me laugh but this is classic.Hahahaaha.Society is toast


[quote]Multiple Moods wrote:
Will solid food hinder my gains?
Not many things online make me laugh but this is classic.Hahahaaha.Society is toast[/quote]

that’s what I was thinking.

You really think that food could hinder your gains?


x2 on real food for the win.

-as long as you avoid fat and get in some protein and fast-ish carbs then this is pretty much the ideal


Thank you staystrong and RampantBadger for your thoughts. And others, thank you for your snark. You teach in your own unintended ways.


Before supplements like protein powders, that’s what old school bodybuilders and weighlifters would do - Eat whole foods


After your workout is probably the BEST time to eat a free buffet lunch.