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Solid Football Program?


Im looking for a good football routine to get bigger quicker, and stronger.
I play D-end and im 182 pounds currently my schedule is
Mon: Back and Bi's
Wed: Chest and Triceps
Sat: Legs and Shoulders
ill do my core lifts for ex. wed ill do bench then ill do 2 other chest exercises or Sat ill do squat power cleans and military press then ill do two other legs and one other shoulder. I guess this is more of a buildy builder split or so other people said.

What do you guys use? im in desperate need of a good routine, i dont really care if the program gets me huge arms or not i just want to run over people on the field


Westside for Skinny Bastards. Look it up on this site. Ask me if you have any questions.


I agree. Westside for Skinny bastards or the second version of the program are unbelievable programs. They are simple, easy to understand and they produce results.


Definately westside with some olympic lifts thrown in. I dont think you should necissarily follow the westside for skinny bastards template as i think there are better ways to add mass than using 15-25 reps in a set. And explosive strength will be important on the line so you will need to do some dynamic effort benching.

I would follow the normal westside template, minus the good mornings for ME, use them for assistance of 3's and 5's after your ME work.
I would also add in push jerk after dynamic effort bench and also hang snatch or power clean after dynamic effort squats. Westside is definately the way to go for football.



Great comments. I definitly agree. In the offseason I followed something pretty close to the WS4SB template but with the addition of an extra "dynamic day" on Saturdays where I did total body dynamic day. I did a rotation (basically a superset with rest between exercises) of dynamic box squats and jump squats and a rotation of dynamic bench and push jerk. I definitly saw the improvements.


I really think the strongman stuff in westside for skinny bastards is good but i think you need a max effort movement and a dynamic movement for lower body every week. Here's what i would do.

Day 1-ME UB
max effort bench- 1-3RM
overhead work- 3-4x10
back work

Day 2- ME LB
max effort squat/dead- 1-3RM
Goodmornings, RDL- work up to heavy 5
single leg movement- 3-4x10
hamstrings/low back

Day 4- DE UB
dynamic effort bench- 6-8x3
push jerk/push press- 1-3RM
flat/incline dumbbell presses- 2-3x10
back work

Day 5-DE lower body
dynamic effort squat- 8x2
olympic lift (hang snatch, power clean)
tire flipping
farmers walks
sled dragging
truck pushing

Great stuff for football. You dont have to do all the strongman exercises on the same day but i'd say those are the best for football.


I agree, that looks very similar to how I'd set it up. The only thing I would note is that, depending on position, you might want to replace the lower body dynamic day with a "combine" day as you get closer to the season. Most high schools test the 40 and the agility and stuff. As dumb as those tests are, many coaches see them as indicative of on the field performance so you'll want to prepare for that as the season draws near.

Another thing that DeFranco talks about is holding off on heavy conditioning work until the season draws closer. Let the strength work be your focus early in the off-season because it only takes 2-4 weeks to get in shape. If you go too heavy on conditioning early in the off-season, it'll take away some of your adaptive reserves for your strength training.


Joe DeFranco is your friend, Get to know him!


Joe D touched on this in his interview, make sure you emphasize grip training. If you have access to a fat bar it will be great for you.

It will take some poundages off your lifts in the beginning because your grip will be weak, but I think you will see the advantages of it before long. I'm sure I don't have to tell you how important your forearms and gripping strength is, especially as a d-end- tackling, shedding a block, etc. Here were some of DeFranco's training recommendations for grip:

1.) Do all barbell exercises with the fat bar if possible.
2.) At the end of one workout, do a short grip workout, it should take about 10-15 minutes- usually 2 exercises is good.
3.) Do one grip workout a week, this should be about a half hour and will probably include about 3 exercises with higher intensity. I was doing this out of season with an extra ab workout and I thought it worked well.


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