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Solid Desk Chair?


Recently I have gone through an inordinate amount of desk chairs. I spend (unfortunately) a significant amount of time in them, as I do all my reading, homework, paperwork, web surfing, and even sometimes eating in this chair.

Unfortunately, they all seem to break on me, as they are only rated to about 230lbs. or so, and I am around 260-270.

So, basically what I'm looking for is a reasonably comfortable, but more importantly solid solution fo a chair, preferably $100 or less. Ideas, thoughts, anything?


I have the same problem. I just keep the receipt and warranty information and exchange them every 5-6 months. This might be a better question for the Fat People Think Tank.


bump...any thoughts?


Go to a business that deals in used office furniture. A friend has a business that buys stuff from large companies when they remodel or when businesses close and turns around and sells it.

Find someplace that has used Steelcase chairs, they're common in large offices and last forever.

You can get a better deal if the store has just 1-2 left of a certain style as people trying to outfit an office want matching furniture. If you're not concerned about the color you can get a real good deal.


Should have added you should be able to get a quality chair for under $100 that will last longer than you'd ever want to keep it.


Those plain steel folding chairs last forever as well. They just aren't very decorative and don't look like futuristic office chairs...but they also won't fall apart on someone just because they weigh over 250lbs. Any plastic chair will probably break on you eventually if you didn't pay an indecent amount of money for it. I made the mistake once of taking a seat in one of those cheap plastic lawn chairs only to find the legs bending.



I dont know if you have IKEA in US, but if you do: They have very nice chairs in the 90-110$ price range. I'm have been up to about 250lbs in one of their chairs, and it holds out perfect.


I've seen office chairs with heavier ratings online at Staples,I think, someplace like that. They may have been called managers chairs, tall chairs, or executive chairs.



Managers chairs
Big & Tall
Rated to 350# and 450#

Hope this helps