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Soleus Muscle Help

Hey guys, i needed some thoughts on ways to strengthen the Soleus in both of my calves.
Last summer i trained pretty hard to play college football, and in the middle of my training, i developed this nagging soreness in the middle of my calves. I had never had a problem like it before, and if anyone has had this happen, you know it basically kills you to try and even sprint. So to make a long story short, i found out what the problem was, which is why im asking for any information on this muscle. Including how to get them stronger, how to avoid another problem with them, anything that will make me learn…
thanks guys


This isn’t much of a tip, but I know of a stretch for the calves that have worked for me in the past to get rid of pain, and even seems to helping my vertical (although I have no way of proving this). Anyways, you know the stretch where you are standing in front of a wall leaning forward with one leg back, both feet flat on the ground and stretching the rear calf/achilles. Turn your rear foot inwards so your toes of the rear foot point towards your forward heel and keep your feet flat on the ground as you straighten your rear leg/push your hips foward. Your rear foot is on a 45degree therefore. Sorry for the bad description, but this stretch is a staple for me and gets rid of pain and stretches my calves really well right in the middle. Hopefully someone will have something more in depth for you.

The seated calf machine works the Soleus muscle. Use a slow rep pace with a couple second pause at the bottom and at the top.

Stretching is very important. Do a search and you should find numerous stretches for the calf muscles.