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Soleous (Ankle) Flexibility

Hey guys! After watching my mates training in the gym i realized that some of them can squat ATG without having to lean forward too much (unlike me). I have noticed that their lower leg forms a 60º angle with the floor when they squat; while mine is like 70-75º. They are also able to squat ATG without weight on a bar, or with olympic lifting shoes.

Their ankle is just more flexible than mine, i came to conclusion.

This problem is making me unable to rapidly get under the bar, squat with my torso straight, etc.

I have tried stretching my ankles in the seated calf rise machine. But it doesn’t seem to work. Does any of you had a similar problem than mine? do you have any stretches that effectively addresses this problem?

Thanks in advance and please excuse my poor english.

Good question. I do not think that my ankles are very flexible either.

This is one of the hardest areas to streth the ankle…

I’d recommend hammering squats, ohs and goblet squats on off days to make sure you can sit in a nice deep upright squat.

Not everyone can be as upright as others but you can make serious in roads to it. Just look at the the different lifters mobilities. Some lifters are a decent chunk away in terms of mobility from other lifters but this does not mean you can’t throw down big numbers.

Work hard on your off days to stretch religously. Come back in 4months of spending 100’s of hrs stretching and tell me your mobility hasn’t improved.


Hammer away at stretching both the soleus and gastroc, and take a lacrosse ball to the area as well. Could just be poor tissue quality limiting you rather than being strictly tight musculature.

Stretch against the wall 3-4 times a day, each time consisting of 5 sets of 30 seconds of stretch. If you do that religiously for a month and see no improvement it is likely that your ankle has a boney impingement that you can’t stretch out of it.

like this but push against the wall to get more force on the calf. Yes I know the video is of questionable origin, sorry about that.

This is the same as me. Im getting weightlifting shoes delivered tomorrow but my friends can squat atg without bar as well. Iv been stretching everyday and now tryign to roll it out.