Soldiering On...

wow. big news for sure. i’ll be sending all the good thoughts i can muster your family’s way. i think you’re definitely lucky you found this out early. try to keep your head up shug… it’s out of your hands now. i know being strong for an entire family has to be exhausting… but i know you can do it. we’re here for you so vent away.

don’t forget to take care of your own health and put yourself first at least once in awhile. i’m sure there is going to be a lot of stress in your future…and hitting the gym when you can and trying to keep your mind in a positive place are going to be huge in how you handle it.


oh i’m so glad she was brave enough to fall asleep! :slight_smile:

she’s gonna be taking a lot of cues from you, and she has an amazing role model to look up to. (you)

hugs, strong momma!

I’m sorry to hear that the problem is on the sucky end of the spectrum - I’m assuming we’re talking surgery here? Obviously it’s not easy for a youngster to go through a big surgery, but the kids are often way more resilient than their parents. Got a kid at school at the moment who is facing major surgery - maybe even a transplant, but she just gets on with it.

I would have your son’s heart checked out just in case. It’s likely nothing to worry about, but better safe than sorry. I was born with a murmur which went away, but I’m mindful of the fact my mother had a leaky valve (which was surgically repaired without any problems - but only after it had caused a clot that resulted in her stroke) and her father died of sudden heart failure before I was born (and I’m talking sudden - he complained he was feeling unwell, went for a lie down and didn’t get up again). I don’t want to scare you as that’s the last thing you need, but if your son had a dodgy valve, better to get it sorted sooner rather than later.

Anyways, sounds like you need a hug, and it sucks that your man is deployed. So have a virtual one from me for the time being.

Mim, Thanks for posting the update. I can’t imagine the day you have had, and I wish the news was different. I’m so impressed with your strength. Hoping the stars align for you and your hubby…

I wish the sucky was different. Its not, so I wish for you to have the strength to deal with it.

Better to know and take care of the medical problem than not. Joining you in hoping that your hubby can just come home now.

ah MiM sorry to hear that {{{{{hugs}}}}}

finding out and taking care of it is the best thing that could have happened given that the condition exists. Knowing abouit it and being able to see a path forward should help everyone given time.

sending the best healing vibs to your little one and you!

So sorry to hear that. I hope they can take care of it and that your whole family will be together for this.

Hey mama, I’m sorry to hear about the suckiness. But I’m glad you’re being proactive about everything and so thankful that you working with some really great doctors. Sounds like you got one brave little girl there.

Hang in there Betty, and like Deja said, make sure you’re taking care of yourself too! I hope the hubby gets to come home soon. I’ll keep you all in my prayers. Lots of hugs.

Thanks all.

Im thankful it was detected, because other things are happening they don’t want to see because of it.

The left ventricle is already thickening (hypertrophy if you will) because of how hard it is having to work to pump. And one of her valves is leaky. theres a couple other things, but they need a clearer look. fuck

Back in the day small kids died suddenly from heart failure because of this…technology is amazing!!!

One day at a time. I still have to do the dishes and take the trash out. Can’t forget about my son either!
I consider this a little blip in the radar. We’ll be stronger for it, but especially my little ladybug, fairy princess, turtle, mermaid, puppy dog kitty!

I should hear back from the Dr within a day or two to let me know when and where the MRI will be. After that, we will meet again to discuss the results and best course of treatment. (surgery) This is all to happen within a month or two. Hubby is coming home next month for his regular leave and will be allowed to come home on emergency leave if the surgery happens after he’s already returned there.

Since snowmageddon has not hit yet, school did not get canceled, therefore I am off to the gym.

Four days and so much info already – looking forward to seeing the complete bikini picture.

Will keep your daughter and family in my thoughts.

Thinking good thoughts in your direction. {{}}

Hang in there kid. Little ones are lot tougher than we give them credit for. As the title of your thread says, ‘soldier on.’

Good vibes comin your way.

Sorry to hear about the suckiness, but I do agree that it is a good thing that you caught it early - kids are good at healing.

My former boss found out that he had a deteriorating valve (genetic disorder) in his 40s. The doctors figured it was something he developed as a child too. He was a marathon runner at the time and the doctors said he was lucky that nothing bad had happened while he was racing. He’s had surgery since and is up and running again.

I’m sending my positive thoughts your way too - hang in there!

Your daughter’s a spitfire fighter. In times like these, be thankful for her strong spirit. She’ll be up and about and arguing in no time :slight_smile:

sending some canadiana vibes down south **********************

Best wishes to ya mim. :slight_smile:

I’m still here; soldiering on.

Thanks for all the wishes and good thoughts.

Talked to the boss lady this morning after she stopped to ask how I was doing…first time anyone IRL has asked me that to my face in a long while…almost broke down, but Im saving that for when the hubby gets home.

Let her know that my head and heart are with my family right now. Trying to help others with there problems drains the energy that I need to deal with my own if that makes any sense. Not to mention I haven’t been feeling the whole PT gig for awhile now.
To me it would make sense for them to get someone who is all the way in and will make the gym more monies. I guess I’ll have that convo with her later…

Daily life stuff hasn’t changed. Im taking cues from my little girl who is happy, playful still putting us all in our place :wink: and completely unaware that anything is the matter.

I still haven’t heard from the Doctor about when the MRI will be. If I don’t hear something today, I will call

Hubby is chomping at the bit to come home. He’s still scheduled to come home middle of next month and if the surgery is scheduled during that time, his emergency leave will be combined with it. So he would be here for a whole month. No matter how it goes down, he still has to go back and finish the job.

Emergency leave = good.
Going back = bad.

Why does it always have to be like that?

That is great that your daughter isn’t in pain and doesn’t know anything is amiss. That has got to be a comfort to you.

It’s hard for those who aren’t parents to understand how vulnerable a mother feels when a child is sick or suffering or headed for something major like surgery. I’m thinking of you, MiM.

MiM, I’m sorry about the life stress. As Snapper said, those with kids will understand how you feel. I also agree with Print that kids are tough little buggers.

Also, information is power. I encourage you to ask as many questions as you need in order to fully understand the situation. And, if possible, get the medical records for the current and ongoing tests. This can be useful for your own purposes (if you want to do some investigating on your own), if new doctors need to be brought up to speed (in case you move) etc.