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Post pics of you in the Bikini please.


I did say please.[/quote]


crazy on the surprise pregnancy.

awesomely romantic story on the marriage though!

Lovely pic, and what a great story.

Most first pregnancies are surprises, aren’t they?

Nice bikini pic MiM, I KNOW the rest will look awesome!

I dunno Ink…I kinda woulda liked to have a say in it, so maybe thats why it just happened. Especially the way I think into things too much.

But we really truly thought it was a ‘safe time,’ a time where generally you wouldn’t think it could happen, if you kwim…


The advisor from the health programs wrote back and said:

“You would have to check with the college in FL that you would attend to determine if they would accept your PTA course work. General education courses usually transfer smoothly but allied health programs are set up based on the requirements of the particular state.”

There was more…so basically, if I DID the program here and then moved, I’d still have to study for my license for a different state! Just seems easier to take the rest of my junk courses to get that edge!

Oh trust me, I know exactly what you mean. Exactly.

and PS…you did have a say in it


I like the title Mim, keep on solderin on there will ya now.

WOW!! That was fast!

And what a great way to start a log then with a bikini pic!! Hopefully we’ll end it with a pic of the bottom half :wink:

I love the title too, MiM. And you’re so blessed to have such a wonderful family. Good things happen for a reason, that’s for sure.

Can’t wait to follow along! Hooyah!

what a nice story Mim and cute sneak peak pic :slight_smile:

I love the top of that bikini plus the waist curve is killer awesome. You’ll get the bottom how you like it, yes you will!

You can’t just tease us with a bikini top pic when we all know what killer legs and a fab taper you have.

oh, the peer pressure…thanks for stopping by, K!

N- yep, a cute non fiction story. seems like yesterday…

Hey HR- yep, thats the plan…hope you stick around!

Maschy- always good to “see,” you. lol, the bottom half…all in good time.

Kim- I’m hoping and wishing and hoping some more!

But I have to put in the work. For over a year, it’s been strictly ‘get this damn weight off of me!’ and the training to match.

You have to train for your goals.

my goal is to get lean(er), stronger and LOOK like I lift a damn weight… Attempting to beat the log book each week as well. I’ll keep a formal, hand written, paper/pencil training log. :slight_smile:

GASP Something different to shake things up…2 upper days/2 lower + interval sessions. Body weight stuff on ‘off,’ days and working up to 20 minutes rowing time. Thats the plan! I don’t want to waste any more time thinking about it…just DO IT! Diet is key to any goal. So the trick will be keeping foods in check.

This upcoming week isn’t starting well for that to happen.
Tomorrow is my daughters appt at the hospital. Not sure if I’ll feel up to training in the evening. Tuesday we’re supposed to get a snow storm and I can predict schools will be closed that day and on Wed.which also means the gym daycare will be closed :confused:

This would be a good time to have friends/basic equipment at home…working on the latter.

Heh, I don’t think there is any safe time regarding pregnancy. I just trained my fella not to shoot in the penalty box. (That’s risky as well, but there haven’t been any accidents in 11 years and I think I’m now a bit too old for anything accidental to happen, lol). It was funny though - I was an accident, and my mum was 36 at the time, dating my dad rather casually and got drunk on her birthday and obviously didn’t put her cap in properly. One of my boyfriends was also an accident and his mother was 18 and his dad 21. My dad was the same age as his grandmother!

Anyway, you rock that halter top. Your waist is sick!

Good luck for your daughter’s appointment tomorrow. I’ll keep everything crossed for you both.

yes, my son the beautiful accident :slight_smile:

Funny, when we were actively TRYING, it took 8 months to conceive my daughter! drama even from conception, haha.

thanks for the good thoughts…I’m more worried about getting us all out of the house and up there on time. Gotta be dressed and ready to leave the house by 7am.

Today I’m cleaning and doin laundry(nothing new there!) Gotta take little man to get his hair cut…also trying to talk little lady into getting her first haircut. she ain’t havin it though.

I tried to post to your log earlier today, but it hasn’t shown up. SO let’s see–I think I gave you a woot woot for the bikini pic. Thanks for posting that. A your training plan looks solid comment. A good luck getting out of the house tommorrow wish. And a supportive, I’ll be thinking of you remark. Seriously, all the best tomorrow.

Your last log ended on an interesting note, lol. Your bikini shot makes for a much better picture!

Oohh…I like this new training regime! I’ve always been curious about upper/lower splits - are these going to be BBing style? Anyways, can’t wait to see how you split this up.

Good luck tomorrow MiM!! I’ll be wishing you and the lil one all the best. e-hugs!!

I’ll join in the kids/accidents talk.

theres 5 of us, same parents. first 3 happened within 36 months (to hear mom tell it, you’d think she was being punished. much are the ‘get cable’ and Catholic jokes). two boys, then a girl.

mom insisted that her daughter needed a sister, and so they tried like bunnies. (my words, not hers) so my older sister is 3 years and 9 months older than i am. they had given up when i came along. HA! SURPRIIIISE! she was 36.

then they were done. they thought.

miscarriage about a year after me. at the hospital, they tried to give my mom grief counseling for the loss of her child. she was all hardcore like, “you don’t understand. i have 4, very healthy and beautiful children at home, and i left them with my husband. can i leave now?”

so about a year and a half after that my lil sis was born. teehee.

now about your training, missy.

it sounds like a lot starting off, but i know you can do it and that you’ll get sleep accordingly.

also, i know that today is your daughter’s appt and i’m sending out good vibes for good news.


more good thoughts for the appt.

Made it back.
That was the first of many trips to DC unfortunately. what a cluster…

On a scale of bad to SUCK, I think J is in the suck range. She needs an MRI to further assess the suckiness and to determine the best course of treatment(yes, surgery)

She was so good and brave. She had to lay for about an hour where she ended up falling asleep while the U/S tech did her thing.

Basically, the valve responsible for the outflow of blood to the body(the aorta) has a ‘kink,’ in it…and there are other complications because of it…which he ‘thinks,’ will take care of themselves once the major problem is taken care of. only time will tell and many many check ups for life. Apparently, this isn’t something that is fixed and stays away. There’s chances of it coming back :irked:

It was a little scary to hear him refer to it as heart disease, but thats what it is. She was BORN with it! craziness. I’m not happy about it of course, but thankful that it was detected now and not later. Come to think of it, my son had a slight murmur but no further investigating was done. I’m assuming he grew out of it? Every Dr would ask if the previous Dr had said anything about a murmur and I would say ‘yes,’ but thats as far as it went.
I have to get him checked out now, to ease my mind.

The Dr said that there was a good chance of any future babies running into the same problem.
So I guess it’s puppies and kitties from now on! :expressionless:

If this is genetic, I have ZERO idea where it’s coming from.

Everything is gonna go down within a month or two. Maybe if the stars align properly, they’ll just let my hubby come home and STAY. It’s common for things to break down while the hubby is deployed, but I didn’t ever think it would be one of my kids. :frowning:

If I wouldn’t have ever acquired about getting her an allergy test for molds who knows when this would have been discovered. The Dr. (who is Chief of Ped. cardiology btw, basically the best) said that my daughter’s Pediatrician is very astute. I’m thankful to her!

I think thats it.