Soldiering On...

Link to the last log, which in turn has links to all my other logs!

To recap:
I’m 31, married, 2 kids.
My hubby has been deployed since June of last year. He came home for a break in August, and is due to come home NEXT MONTH for another break. Then back at it(again) til June.

Actually, he was set to come back in May, but apparently a guy who just got back into the states tried to make a 14 hr drive home by himself…He didn’t make it.
So now ‘they,’ want to make sure people coming back are mentally ok and rested before resuming there family life, etc…

This has been the hardest deployment on us all. No way around it though, just gotta get through it!

I’ve spent the better part of the last two years trying(and somewhat succeeding) shedding extra weight.
I say somewhat, because I’m still not satisfied. I guess thats what keeps us going…to be better than we thought we could! Sometimes I feel like I’m just a smaller version of my overweight, soft self.

I want to be strong, but I also want to LOOK like I work as hard as I think I do. The dieting has taken care of the fat loss, but I’m still trying to figure out training styles to help achieve the all around package.

I bought a bikini yesterday to help keep me focused. eek! I’ve never worn a bathing suit in public, much less a bikini!

So I’m soldiering on…
I want to get stronger, maintain my results thus far, but to improve upon them as well!

HA!! I’m #1

Love your thread MIM. Keep up the great work. You’re a inspiration to a lot of people here. Taking care of your home is hard enough. But you’ve made a incredible transformation too, & I applaud you for that.

Now, make me some cookies w/the bikini on.

Good luck in 2011 and congrats on how far you’ve come!

Hi Mim!
I’ve been waiting to tell you I like the aqua blue best and with your girls the halter top will look amazing!

edit - just read your intro, which one did you get?

Oh hai here MiM :slight_smile:

And yeah, what N said, I agree :smiley:

I’ll be the first to sully your log with a bikini pic request. Great log title.

A new log already?!?! Such a popular girl you are. :slight_smile:

Your very first bikini! How exciting. Six months of that deployment are done. You can make it 'til the end!

Hi Mim! Looking forward to the next log of your journey.

damn girl i didn’t realize you were so young!

N and Ink…you both have good taste. I really like that color too!

I got a starter suit from Target. When I have more money I’ll get the other one.

Sorry Nadia, no bikini progress pics until I can see some comparable progress…only fair!!

Kim, I average about 5 months per log :slight_smile: By then, the hubby will be home or getting ready to!

Hi A!!

Deja- did you think I was 50 and just looked really good for my age? lol

did you go with a halter style top?

haha i just figured you were in at least your mid 30’s and had a baby face. funny how 20 years ago a mom with kids your age would naturally be assumed to be 28-32 or so. now i never think of people having kids before they’re at least in their late 20’s (even though lots of my friends had kids right out of highschool). lol

yes, I went with a halter top…not sure if it’s the best, but it holds the girls up!

ya, we started young with the kiddos. Not by choice though…kinda just one of those OH SHIT, WTH, are YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME, IS THIS SOME KIND OF JOKE??! kinda experiences…I’ll never forget looking into the mirror after seeing the positive test result…white as a ghost, LOL!!! I was 21 and we had already been together for three years and married for one of those years. yep, married at 20…crazy kids!!

And if you can tell by my writings, I go into every situation pretty prepared and every thought, thought out…so to find out I was pregnant without expecting it, was the biggest shock of my whole life, thus far!! Took me awhile to adjust…

But my son is the one that taught me that life is what happens when you are busy making other plans. I was getting ready to get out of the Navy, we were going to move and I was gonna start school.

Oh yes, I did train today. Nothing too exciting.
I did squats with kettlebells…kinda fun!! shhhh
3x12x50s…too bad thats as high as they go up!

SLDL’s as well…

Trying to do some homework and come up with a new training routine. I wanna shake things up. Get outta that warm,cuddly, and comfy zone.

That’s great that you bought a bikini, hang it up where you’ll always see it. Like that “Itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini” commercial :wink:

Married at 20 is only crazy when it ends quickly. It hasn’t ended for you and doesn’t seem to be heading in that direction, so that’s more like high school sweethearts <3

Post pics of you in the Bikini please.

I did say please.

[quote]Edgy wrote:
Post pics of you in the Bikini please.

I did say please.[/quote]


Heyo, my mom was married at 20, had me a 21. Nothing wrong with being the young, hot mom! Plus you won’t be 70 when your kids graduate prep school.

Nikki- what can I say?
It just might have been crazy enough to work! :slight_smile:

Hey Bobbi!
For me I thought I was NEVER EVER going to get married/have kids…my mom was married and divorced 4 times by the time I was 15.
I thought I was cursed.
But when I met my hubby, it was kinda like in the movies…love at first sight and all that mushy stuff. A feeling. Just KNOWING that he was it and I would marry him one day.

We went our separate ways after boot camp and training. We met up again through mutual friends on a ‘blind date,’ not even knowing the other was stationed in the same place!!
When we saw each other again we just laughed and laughed. Hilarious that even our friends knew that we were good for each other. The rest they say, is History!

a teeny peek.

No more until I have made comparable progress!