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Soldier Working Hard....

I just got back from my 1-yr deployment 2 weeks ago from Iraq. I lost alot of weight because of the cardio I was doing because I had to get my BF % down. I did and I’m still going at it. I know I’m going to gain some weight back after eating home cooked meals but I wanted to know what kind of supps should I take now that I’m going to be here in the states for awhile? I’m looking to trim down some more but at the same time tone my body up to tighten up. Can anybody here in the forum guide me to the supps I should take for fat loss, protein, creatine, multivitamins?

The weight I lost was because of the
reading I did on this website. It helped me alot but I didn’t want to risk ordering anything from the website because I was afraid of losing it through the mail. I would appreciate anybody’s input and please be specific. Thanks again.

Welcome back and thank you for your service. Your specific question is about supps. I would like to know what kind of training your doing. I dont think any supps will help if your not training properly. What have you been doing? and how long will you be state side?

Hey there Bigtez, glad you are back safe and sound.

Anyhow, for supplements you really want, especially assuming you are working out and watching your nutrition of course…

Low-Carb Grow!

If you need some help leaning out, or holding on to strength while you are leaning out, you’ll probably want to consider HOT-ROX as well.

Anyhow, a rundown, in case you aren’t overly familiar with these items…

Surge is to help you optimize post workout nutrition. It helps you avoid catabolism by boosting anabolic activity when your muscles are primed for it.

The Low-Carb Grow! of course is simply a convenient source of protein. If you’ve been reading along you’ll have seen references to the amount of protein generally desired. This is also great as an end of day protein source as it slowly digests over time and also works against catabolism.

Creatine of course helps with muscle volumization, which is apparently closely related to muscle growth in some way. Besides, if you get some extra creatine, carbs and water in your muscles, they look bigger.

Finally, the HOT-ROX helps keep your metabolism from dropping while you are cutting back on calories to lean out. If you want the full details, you’ll have to read the product threads concerning conversion of T4 to T3 or some such.

Depending on your age, you might want to consider something like Alpha Male as well, to boost those testosterone levels.

Oh, yeah, before I forget, you really don’t want those Grow! bars when they become available… because I really want to get some before they run out of stock! Heh, if you are serious about controlling your nutrition and like me aren’t sure you will feel like preparing weekly meals on Sunday, they will be a great boon.

Anyway, I feel like I’m writing a product catalogue, but I hope this helped point you in the right direction…