Soldier of the Week Nomination for 1-16-04

I don’t want to take away from the nominations in the t-Jacked:Update thread, but as it is now Thursday, I would like to start this new thread.

While all the vets that you seldom need to mention by name all receive my nod, I would like to spotlight Fearmy6pak for his very informative and helpful posts geared toward Steroid education for new guys over the past 2 weeks. I hope nominating a gearhead wont create a stigma. Many of the other T-fueled brethren in the juice forum deserve recognition (drago1), but this post is already too long.

Fearmy6pak gets my SOTW MVP nomination. Please consider.

Sorry…that should have read previous “Soldier of the week” thread instead of “T-Jacked” thread. You can tell the anticipation of these reviews is infesting my brain.


Fearmy6pak (although I cant seem to get over reading it Fe-army everytime I see it).

Of most recent use has been his:

Steroid Newbie Thread (help build it vets) [/quote] graciously started by Warhorse