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Soldier of the Week: 1/30

The “Soldier of the Week” prize is given to a person who has been helpful, insightful and made positive contributions to the T-forum.

And the winner this week is… Tampa-Terry!

TT was our Poster of the Year for 2003 but we never thanked her properly. So this week’s prize is a little bigger: she may choose three of anything we sell in the <a href="http://tstore.biotestedge.com/index.jsp"target=“new”>SuperStore plus pick any T-shirt she wants! Congrats, TT!

We’ll do it again next week with a new winner and a new set of prizes.

sweet deal! TT deserves such recognition.

And props to Tmag/Biotest for their generosity!

Well deserved. Tampa Terry has always been positive, and helpful with her comments. Congratulations.

Well deserved!

'Bout time! TT knows more about nutrition than the rest of us blockheads put together. And, she is an HSTer!

TT is the best, Phill and Thunder are cool to but TT is tops. Congrats TT, and thank you T-mag for the forum where such help is so easily obtainable.

Say, do you know what you call a guy with no arms or legs that is found lying beside a hole? Phill.

Sorry, can?t help it, never could, to old to change now.

You should put a rule in about only winning once in a given time period. I mean TT is ALWAYS the most helpful, insightful and positive.

Kudos Terry

PS I want to live in Tampa

Tampa-Terry gets too much press. She’s always in the T-Tabloids and now she gets a T-shirt. Well that’s one too many T’s, Mr. Shugs. One. Too. Many. I’m calling for a tribal shirt reform, T-shirts for all the forum newbies, yes. I’ll start. XL. My addy is in my profile. Thanks.

Congrats to TT our diet guru extraordanaire!

Congrats TT. Well deserved.
old dogg

TT is definitely deserving. Congrats Terry!

Woo Hoo for TT, she deserves it!

My choice of THREE Biotest supps? Egads! I must have died and gone to Biotest heaven!!! (chuckling)

Re that one-time rule, Vegita, I agree with you a hundred percent!!! With any luck, it will work out that way. And if it doesn’t, how 'bout you and me take Shugs out back behind the woodshed and give him a “talking to”? (scowling)

Seriously, folks, this Soldier Award thing ain’t going away, and each and every one of you have a shot at it. Just be helpful and share what you know. The reason I know what I do today about diets is because of YOU ALL on the forums, asking questions and sharing what you know. Starting out, I lurked and read, lurked and read (the articles, too), experimented and applied what I learned. That’s all it takes to be a contributor.

So let’s see. Hmmmm. So many really good supps, so little time. . . I think I’ll take one of those Biotest</font size> T-shirts . . . some Surge . . . oh, dear . . . well, I gotta get some Hot Rox . . . okay, what am I missing? . . . I know. I’ll finish it off with some PowerDrive!!! Whew! (wiping brow) These shopping sprees are exhausting work!

All kidding around aside, thanks, guys, for all the kind words. It means more to me than you’ll ever know.

Congrats TT!

If Arnold can be a governor -tampa terry should be the president.
Well deserved honor!!
Realise that any advice given on the boards also help many other than the people posting. Your knowledge on T-Dawg 2.0 has helped me out in my work with my clients.
Thx for all your great advice


Your wealth of quality information and assistance has been endless.

Props to you girl!


Outstanding!!Congrats TT, well deserved>

Seriously TT, I think I speak for a lot of us out here when I say Thanks for everything.

TT,also,thanks for sharing your knowledge,it’s appreciated


Well, done. Much deserved. CONGRATS!!!

Your consistantly helpfull post are top notch.

Great post once again on this thread by the way.