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Soldier in Afghanistan, Best Workout?


I am a soldier deployed in Afghanistan and if you don't know the only thing to do here is workout, sleep, and missions. I lost about 100lbs over a year period and now want to tighten up and get the "lean look." If anyone out there can recommend a workout routine broken down to exeries, reps, schedule, the whole 9 that would be amazing. I'm doing mainly circuit now and love it, and am in pretty good shape, just having a hard time tightening the loose skin (kind of embarrassing). Thanks in advance.


My favorite way to train is sometimes refered to has "powerbuilding:. Basically lots of sets of low reps. 3's is usually my main rep number. Ramping the weight and doing some heavy singles also.

Deadlift example


You can load up the sets also by doing a few double sets using the same weight and/or waving the weight up and down.

CT's HPM program has some great ideas for this style of training.


First, wow best wishes to you in Afghanistan.

If you already like circuit training Christian Thibideau's Star Complex is pretty solid program and has tons of volume. If you go under Articles -> Featured Authors -> Christian Thibideau you'll see his article there and it outlines everything to the "T" for you.

Another popular method is 5/3/1 by Jim Wendler and is a very inexpensive eBook that you can buy on EliteFTS.Com. Not sure what kind of supplementation and nutrition you have available to you over there but I find this program to be more forgiving on a low-cal diet without tons of supplements for recovery.