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Soldier Fights Off 30 Taliban



Just too badass not to post.




Gurkhas have a rep for being bad ass mofos. There is a quote from a British (?) officer that goes something like - "If a man tells you he is not afraid of death, he is either a liar or a Gurkha".

That story also makes me wonder what in hell one would have to do to receive the Victoria Cross.




so fucking sick! Hell Yeah!


Haha wow, wouldn't think he had it in him from the picture what a bad ass fella. I like that he fired more than 400 rounds and when out of ammunition and grenades used a land mine to 'repel' the enemy over running his out past, I wonder what exactly repel means in this context haha.


He used 2 magnets with like poles facing each other.


I like how he threw his fucking tripod at some Taliban motherfucker. Hell yeah. Badass indeed.


Probably die.


Expendables 2 sounds badass Jet Lee looks really young.




You'd have to be white. Duh.


Damn. Beat me to it.


that's one bad mother fucker.


Actually,hes Gurkha but I guess they all look the same to you,Adolph.

Lol,Just Kidding.