Sold Everything I Own for $100

More or less.

I’m moving in a couple weeks and my brother is getting out of the Army in a couple months, so I figured I’d sell him my washer and dryer. Unfortunately, I had to sweeten the deal by adding my couch…and my bed…and my kitchen table, two bar stools, rocking chair, etc. etc. The funny thing is that he’s picking the stuff up today, so I’m going to be sleeping on the floor and eating dinner standing up for a while haha

You’ve got it backwards. Eat on the floor and sleep standing up.

What a coincidence! I found some douchebag in Arkansas, posed as his brother and ripped off everything he owned for a hundred dollars…

wait, I mean…


Lucky for me the only thing I paid for in the first place was the washer and dryer, the rest of my furniture came from those “you can have it if you’ll haul it” kind of ads in the paper.

I’m sure thats how I’ll meet my future wife.

[quote]Melvin Smiley wrote:
“you can have it if you’ll haul it” kind of ads in the paper.[/quote]