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I try to keep an up to date training and diet journal. Is there any software available to help out with the counting of calories, protein, carbs, fat etc.? It can get a bit time consuming at times and that is probably the main reason it is not as accurate as it should be. Any suggestions?

T-mag will be reviewing several of these training and diet software programs soon in our “Stuff We Like” column. For now, check out Charles Staley’s software. It looks pretty good.

I just made myself a spreadsheet in excel. All I do is plug in the nutrient counts and it calculates it for me, each meal total and daily total. It took me like 15 mintues to do. I would be happy to send it out to someone at T-mag for use by any T-men or woman who want to use something like it. To bad email address’s aren’t allowed here.

Hey Chris, you guys haven’t found any web based programs have you? I travel alot, and can’t afford a laptop, so putting my stuff in on a website that I can access from a public computer would be really nice. I use a web site for my nutrition but would love something for the training aspect too.

I just thought I would recommend Charles Staley’s software. I use it myself and find it to be quite good (I know some things could be worked out).

Chris: If you haven’t, can you put the ESHA RESEARCH “Food Processor” on your list? Even though it is for nutrition professionals, there is no better (it seems) for “fine tuning” a diet and for following just about every micro and macro nutrient in your diet. IT IS EXPENSIVE; BUT you sort of “have it for life” when you become part of the “family”. I am seriously considering it. They do have a web site. THANKS!

Thanks for the feedback guys.

I use a spreadsheet in Excel with formulas built right into it.

I am finishing up a program I wrote myself. It was a Final school project. I still need to fix it up a bit to make it 100% full proof. I’ll probably do that when I have time.

CrosstrainerII. The registration,ahem,can also be obtained. :wink: Personally, I use the Excel spreadshet I made myself. It even includes Massive Eating calculation.

I use the crosstrainerII as well. You can download it free for the first 30 days and after that it’s pretty cheap anyway. I like it.