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Software for diet logging / tracking

After reading the Diet Manifesto I’ve finally decided to start logging and tracking what I eat. I expect it will be a royal pain in the ass at first but I’m hoping there’s some software out there that will make it easier than the pen and paper method. Are you guys using a program for this that you would recommend? Thanks

I’m actually undergoing a prodject of creating such software. I’m not sure if it already exhists, but I havn’t seen it. Anyway, I’m working on a program to do such as I type this. I’ll post about it once it’s complete.

If you know how to use Microsoft Excel, and are sure of all the calories, protein, carbs, and fat in everything you eat, it will do all the work for you (provided that you use the right formulas and reference the right cells). I use it, and it works well.

Fitday.com works very well as a food log.

I greatly prefer two legal pads and a calculator. Then evolve into “instinctive” eating. (See my “Missing Ingredient” article.)

Hey bud, I use a MS Excel spreadsheet like Eric does, you can find an example of the one I use here: http://www.geocities.com/markyabsley/diet Give it a look see, and if you want a copy of the original let me know and I’ll fire off a copy your way. It’s good to start with, but just like Chris you ‘learn’ instinctive eating after a little while. Cheers.

Charles Staleys site has some software that has a demo you can try.

There is a software package called CrossTrainer that works very well.


i am with chris on this one. in the beginning i would break everything down into how many cals/gram there were in everything i ate. weigh enough of this stuff and you begin to know what a gram of these foods looks like. i try to weigh stuff out whenever i can, but this instinctive approach is very useful when you go out to dinner at a restaurant.

a good rule of thumb is to not eat what you cannot readily identify. stay away from stews, sauces and mixtures that cannot be visually broken down into quantifiable ingredients. kevo

I have a program called Total Nutrition that works well, but it’s limited to only 6 meals a day :frowning:

To those of you who’ve asked for a copy of the spreadsheet I use, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait a couple of days till I can actually get back home… thanks for the positive words too! Cheers.